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Friday, July 4, 2014

PA Secretary Of Agriculture Reflects On Our Nation's Birth

Message from George Greig, PA Secretary of Agriculture

Today we celebrate the birth of our nation 238 years ago, here in PA at Philadelphia's Independence Hall. 

Even before that, colonials were putting their lives on the line for the freedoms we enjoy today. I see the fruits of their struggle in the growing industries along every busy interstate or the green fields by every quiet dirt road. 

This Independence Day and always, thank those who continue to fight to ensure our state and nation stay safe for future generations. Also thank others who serve it, including our farmers who grow food, the teachers who educate our future generations, the lawmakers and other public servants, and volunteers in orgs across PA. 

I encourage you to give back to your communities, since we all play critical roles in keeping them great places to call home. I’m proud of what we have here in PA, including a fantastic ag industry full of great people. We’ve been given much by selfless generations who came before us. It’s now our turn to give back. 

Have a happy, safe Independence Day.

On behalf of the Department of Agriculture,
Happy Independence Day.

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NO GOD BLESS AMERICA.///////////////