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Friday, August 1, 2014

Fracking Compromises The Future Of Pennsylvania

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Anonymous said...

I am so SICK of you UNEDUCATED IDIOTS !!!The water is already contaminated and it has NOTHING to do with Fracturing . The air LOOK up you dumb A$$ES they are spraying US like insects and its is NOTHING to do with Fracturing...You are doing the work of our enemy they LOOSE Billions if we develope our own gas and oil. Your own gov. is the one KILLING YOU and Me.

Anonymous said...

Yes and you think nothing of buying cheap Chinese, Japanese and other unregulated foreign companies products. They are no doubt full of unspecified cancer causing compounds yet you think nothing of letting your children play with toys from there. He'll most of our food is in plastic that I am sure doesn't leach into that, really........yet you want to eliminate some decent paying jobs and limit America's access to one of our more abundant natural resources.....??? Go hug a tree. America was built on the reality that sometimes manufacturing, producing natural resources , extracting natural resources has some consequences to man in the long run. But no let's all sit home and collect SSI or welfare. Good luck jerk.

Anonymous said...

A handful of hateful, angry and greedy jerks get rich from ruining all of our environment. Why should we have to be surrounded by toxic and radioactive chemicals and waste? So they can get wealthy? They don't have it in their back yards, you can bet. Let them go make money some way that doesn't harm all of us.

Spraying for jobs said...

They really do spray chemicals, the gov't just doesn't want you to know. That is why they are called "chem-trails". They spray the flu virus so more people have to go to the doctor and stimulate the local economy. Whenever a part of the country needs health care jobs, the gov't sprays there. That way more people work to pay taxes and they collect more tax on the gasoline purchased to drive to the Drs. office. Sound reasonable huh? Oh BTW, I saw a plane drop a big bag recently. I went over to look inside. You know what was in there? A bunch of baloney just like this story!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad people hate the oil and gas industries..the people who in fact are trained to keep the environment clean. We also pay to live, eat, and enjoy your towns. WE PUT MONEY INTO YOUR TOWN!