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Friday, August 29, 2014

Grandparent Scam Calls Working The Area

I just wanted to spread the word that these calls are coming into the area. Make sure your oldsters are aware of this scam. Would hate to see someone taken advantage by this - 
Today Dad got one of those calls from someone claiming to be his grandson saying he was in jail and needed money. Fortunately, Dad told him he needed to talk to his parents and they hung up. 
Make sure your parents and grandparents are aware of this scam so they are not taken advantage of. The phone number was masked and did not show up on caller ID.


Anonymous said...

This happened to us at 3:30 am in the morning about a year ago. We notified police and checked on grand son in Mich.. Was a hoax trying to get $10,000. . Enough .said .

theikmarket said...

Glad you brought this up. I read a complaint at Callercenter and it was about a call a senior received. The caller claimed to be a grandson and asked for money. Although worried, the senior remained calm and called the grandson. He found out he was in his dormitory and was safe. He told the scammer he knew and hung up. He also reported the call to warn others.