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Friday, August 1, 2014

PennDOT Partners with Ag Progress Days to advise equipment transporters of road restrictions

PennDOT Partners with Ag Progress Days to advise equipment transporters of road restrictions.Width restrictions in effect on numerous projects

State College – With PSU’s Ag Progress Days scheduled Aug. 12–14, PennDOT is advising equipment transporters of roadway restrictions they may encounter traveling to and from the event site. The event is held on the Penn State Research Farms along West Pine Grove Road in Pennsylvania Furnace.

Motorists should be aware of the following local restrictions:

• 12-foot width restrictions on Route 220 between Avis and Lock Haven in Clinton County.

• 10-foot width restrictions on two separate projects along Route 322 east of Boalsburg in Centre County.

• 10-foot width restrictions on Route 64 in the village of Nittany in Centre County.

• Due to 10-foot width restrictions and heavy traffic volumes, PennDOT advises use of the Blue detour on Route 22/322 in the Lewistown area. Westbound drivers will exit Route 22/322 at the Business 22 exit and follow Route 3006 (Juniata Street), Route 103, Route 3002 (4th Street), Business Route 22 and onto Route 22/522 at the Industrial Park interchange, re-entering 22/322 at the State College on-ramp. Eastbound drivers will exit 22/322 at the 22/522 interchange following that road to the Industrial Park off-ramp. They will then follow Business 22, Route 3002 (4th Street), Route 103, and Route 3006 (Juniata Street), re-entering Route 22/322 at the western end of the Lewistown Narrows. The Blue detour is also marked with Blue Detour signage.

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