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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Potter County Tax Claim Bureau Preparing For Sept. 8 Public Auction / Properties Listed

Potter County Tax Claim Bureau Preparing For Sept. 8 Public Auction

taxauctionPotter County Tax Claim Bureau (TCB) has been working with property owners who have failed to pay their back taxes, while preparing for the last resort in handling delinquent accounts, which is the annual “upset sale.” 

That’s a public auction required by state law to sell those properties on which taxes for 2012 or earlier have not been paid. It will be held at 10 am on Monday, Sept. 8, in the Gunzburger Building auditorium in Coudersport. 

A list of the properties that are subject to sale by auction has been posted on the Potter County website. Bidders are advised that the properties that are placed on the auction block may be subject to liens, mortgages, judgments or other title attachments.

 2014 Tax Claim Bureau Upset Sale

Click HERE for the list of properties which are subject to sale by public auction (subject to liens, judgments and other claims) during the Upset Sale at 10 am Monday, Sept. 8, 2014, in the Gunzburger Building auditorium, Coudersport. The list reflects those properties of record as of Aug. 1, 2014, and is subject to change. This list will be periodically updated. For more information, contact the Tax Claim Bureau at 814-274-0488.


Anonymous said...

how can there be ones older then 2012 up for sale? weren't 2011 sold last year?

Anonymous said...

unlike us we have to pay our taxes IN FULL a lot of these delinquent people only pay a percentage of there bill and then never pay it IN FULL so every year it's the same one's delinquent they should be SOLD and not allowed to play this game

Anonymous said...

Just once, I'd like to see some "better then you" landowners that hold out until 5 minutes before tax sale get stuck in traffic and have their property sold.