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Friday, August 29, 2014

Think About It

Arrows That Pierce The Heart.

Throughout our lives there are times that our hearts get wounded. These wounds often come from the words uttered by people. David said the following in Psalm 64:3, “Sharp tongues are the swords they wield; bitter words are the arrows they aim”. I have learned through personal experience and through the counseling of others that it is not unusual for the one firing the arrows to believe that they are doing what is right. Their motives from their standpoint are pure. Yet, we all need to be aware that any one of us can become the unwilling and unknowing tool of Satan.

There is a saying that I have often used which states the following: “You are most dangerous to the Kingdom of God when you are right”. The reason for this is that we often will major on what we believe is right and use it as a reason to attack others who we believe to be wrong. In our zeal for our own correctness we inadvertently put down and condemn those of differing views. Through out the Gospels we find many instances where the religious leaders of the day were in conflict with Jesus. Their conflict centered on their understanding of the Law and this ultimate conflict led to the Crucifixion of Christ. Sadly, they believed that they were right and justified in what they did.

It is my personal belief that most of the arrows that are directed at us through the words of others are not coming out of an evil heart. They honestly believe that they are doing what is right. To change this one needs to focus on Christ and His spirit. In other words we need to check our motives and thoughts through prayer, much prayer. We also need to seek out others who are spiritual so that we might receive their insight. This means not seeking out those who will agree with us, but to those who we know will speak frankly. If we are on the receiving end of the arrows we need not to retaliate. We need to allow Him to fight our battles. This will mean resisting the temptation to fight back. It will mean practicing the meekness of Christ and extending forgiveness in our hearts so that we don’t build up bitterness and resentments towards others. Think about it.

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Anonymous said...

what about those of us who are the arrow throwers? It shames me to say I have been one of those as you say thinking at the time it was the right think to do.