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Friday, September 26, 2014


Three tracts total about 170 acres.

The Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners today approved three real-estate deals that will add 170 acres to the state game lands system. The commissioners approved the purchase of a 163-acre tract in Archbald Borough, Lackawanna County. The tract is forested with mixed northern hardwoods, and perhaps most importantly, provides critical access to State Game Lands 307 from Business Route 6.

The seller, D & L Realty Co., is excepting and reserving any oil and gas beneath the tract, as well as the rights to explore for, develop and reduce the oil and gas. The Game Commission will pay a $357,500 lump sum for the tract, with funds coming from third-party commitments for compensation of habitat and recreational losses that occurred on state game lands from previously approved projects.

Additionally today, the board voted to accept the donation of about 6.6 acres abutting State Game Lands 96 in Jackson and Plum townships, Venango County. The property, which is mostly forested with mixed hardwoods and has two small openings of about one-half acre in size, is being donated by Lucy M. Daris. The tract is accessed from Sunville Road.

The board also voted today to settle a boundary dispute that will add about 0.32 acres to State Game Lands 216 in Slippery Rock Township, Lawrence County. Under the settlement, the Game Commission would pay Constance Feldman $155,000 for the land, and Feldman’s two adult children would be granted the right to occupy the house located on the property for the rest of their adult lives, so long as one or both use it as their residence. The settlement stems from a dispute over the property boundary and encroachment.

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Anonymous said...

Why??? Why sell property to the state? It's no longer taxed and it will never be able to be owned again. They don't make property anymore. The government doesn't need to own any more land!