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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Officers Converging On Barrett Township In Monroe County In Search For Killer

Rumors are swirling after the shut down of a road in the area near where the parents of accused ambush trooper shooter Eric Frein's parents live in Canadensis.

A portion of Route 477 from Lower Seese Hill Road to Bear Town Road has been shut down and a command post has been set up hundred of feet away from where the home of the parents of the man accused of ambushing and gunning down state troopers last Friday, police said.


Cabbage said...

Get that murderer!

Anonymous said...

I hope this scum bag is caught, & get's the death penalty. BUT... I just wish the tragic murder of ANY other person would get this same coverage & man hunt! Get it???

Anonymous said...

Good luck with that 12:24
This guy could have killed a dozen people and there wouldn't be this type of response. Our lives aren't worth shit.