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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Patriot Guard Procession Escorting 1st. Lt. William Irvin Turner's Remains To Coudersport Funeral Home

Heather Youngs --Just went through Ceres!! 4:20 PM

Patriot Guard Enroute To Funeral Home
Patriot Guard escorting Lt. Turner from the Buffalo International Airport to meet with the PGR PA near the Ceres, PA border.

Lt Turner was MIA during the Korean war in 1952, when his plane went down and was not found. Recently, his plane was found and his remains, along with those of his crewmates, where recovered. Lt Turner has been identified and is being returned to his family for burial. His Daughter will be in transport with Mr. Turner in flight. I've been told he went MIA when she was @ 2 months old and they had never met.

We will escort to the PA border and "hand-off" Mr.Turner to the PGRPA where they will continue transport to the Coudersport PA area. 

Shortly after 3 PM, the procession was in Franklinville for fuel/restroom/stretch, @60-65 miles from Airport. 

Olean police have been alerted to prepare the route in Olean where we will again stop at the juncture of Route 16 and Route 417. 

Some members of the PA contingent will be there to greet us. We will continue on to the PA border where our "part of mission" will end. But you are welcome to continue to the end of escort.

At 4:20 PM, Heather Youngs reported that the procession "Just went through Ceres!!"

At 4:57 PM--The procession is just entering Coudersport on North Main Street.

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