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Friday, September 5, 2014

Think About It.......

The Road Less Traveled

Like many, when I’m traveling I like to get from point A to point B in the quickest amount of time. I’m generally not interested in sightseeing. I’m on a mission, and not many things will deter me from my objective. But I’ve also wondered what was beyond the four-lane highway? Where did those roads go and who were the people that lived out there? Today I decided to venture out on to one of those highways just to see where it would lead. I found out that they are not as busy as the four-lane highways, and it was filled with little towns, closed up buildings, and in some cases, dying communities. I’ve forgotten what it was like to drive and not find a gas station or convenient store for a half hour or more. Ironically the road that I was on was once the main thoroughfare for more than 160 miles. But now the interstate has taken away the traffic and the hub of activity centers around the exits as that is where you’ll find the fast food and hotels.

Taking the road less traveled is time consuming. You’re not going to get there fast, but there is so much more to learn. What I found on my trip today was that there’s a lot of poverty out there. Sometimes it’s easy to find if you’re looking in the inner city. But it isn’t as evident when you’re only hitting the highlights of the four lane highways, and skirting in and out of airports. To find out how people are actually living you’ve got to take the road less traveled.

We’re in an age when people don’t want to take the time to interact with their neighbors. It saddens me to hear people tell me that they don’t know their neighbors, especially when they’ve lived next to each other for several years. If we’re going to take the road less traveled, we’re going to have to put ourselves out there. It will mean taking time out of our lives and busy schedules so that our lives will intercept with others. Isn’t this at least in part, what it means to love our neighbor as ourselves? Could it be that Jesus is calling us to walk the road that is less traveled because that’s what he did? Think about it.

1 comment :

McElwain Hall said...

Bless you for writing such a thoughtful article. Yes, much of today's "social" life has moved into contact through technology. How will our children carry on conversations in person and interact with others if they can't text or Skype or Twitte? How will they interview for jobs?
Boggles the mind.