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Thursday, October 23, 2014

DNCR Grants Benefit Hanley Park, Austin Dam and Majestic Trails

DCNR grants to help revitalize Hanley Park
Austin Dam & Majestic Trails Also Funded

By ALEX DAVIS Era Reporter
Bradford Era

Recreation areas in McKean and Potter counties will be improved with the help of $247,200 in recently awarded state grants.

The state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources announced on Oct. 17 that $175,000 will help revitalize Hanley Park in Bradford; $62,200 will go toward the rehabilitation of the Austin Dam Memorial Park in Potter County; and $10,000 would be used to help maintain motorized recreation trails in the Majestic Trails Park, McKean County.

Austin Borough is the recipient of $62,200 for the rehabilitation of the Austin Dam Memorial Park from the DCNR Community Conservation Partnerships Program. Work would include construction of roadway access; ADA access, landscaping, project sign and other related site improvements.

In McKean County, the Majestic Kamp & Lost Trails Inc. will receive $10,000 to purchase tracks for a bulldozer used for maintenance of motorized recreation trails in the Majestic Trails Park. 

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Anonymous said...

Curious that a private business receives 10k from the govt for something like this.

Anonymous said...

I hope there is an outside person that is not involved in the Austin dam , Austin museum , borough council to oversee the money otherwise it will just go into the usual pockets and nothing will get done! They have spent untold thousands in the past without bidding the work and using a (it's none of your business attitude) when asked were it was spent! If you want to get back the support of the people quit doing the behind closed door under the table deals!