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Thursday, October 30, 2014

PSP Press Conference Update on Frein Capture:


Jon Meyer WNEP

DETAILS ON FREIN CAPTURE: State police say Frein was spotted around 6pm by U.S. Marshals team near old Birchwood Pocono Airport Hangar. They ordered him to get down and he did. He was arrested, handcuffed with Cpl. Bryon Dickson's handcuffs, put in Dickson's cruiser and brought to the same barracks where he's accused of killing Cpl. Dickson 48 days ago. Frein was in good physical health at the time and "definitely taken by surprise."

U.S. Marshals were one of many teams taking part in the PSP search.

Pike County's District Attorney says he will seek the death penalty: "Now it becomes time to find answers on behalf of the fallen officer's family and truth on behalf of justice."


deputy dog said...

Talk about playing for the media. Does anyone actually believe that out of all of the officers combing that area looking for this guy that he was actually arrested by the team that just happened to have Cpl Dicksons handcuffs? I call BS on that one.

Anonymous said...

NOW DO Something about the REAL Threat to "US" and terminate the TERRORIST Training CAMP in the area...How many years will you allow them to be there ???

Anonymous said...

So, now that he is captured vote for Gov. Tom Corbett! This is what happens for election!!

Anonymous said...

I think the reward money should go to the fallen trooper's family

Anonymous said...

5:58 & 9:39 Reports said it was symbolic so, common sense would tell us they (the handcuffs and the crusier) were probably brought to the scene once he was apprehended and he was then re-cuffed and transported. Further, I would hope that people are smart enough not base their votes on who happened to be governor when this fool was caught but, instead, they would vote based on merit and record....but then again, Obama managed to get elected twice...

Anonymous said...

228 PM...thanks for the correct idea. Sometimes after reading some of these people I think there isn't enough common sense between them to out think a rock.

Anonymous said...

Instead of commending the searchers for their good work this deputy dog character chooses to nitpick . That's pathetic, just plain pathetic.