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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Rep. Causer Joins with Senator Scarnati In Effort To Keep Ski Denton Open And Expand Offerings Year-Round

Causer Issues Statement on Status of Denton Hill State Park

HARRISBURG – Rep. Martin Causer (R-Turtlepoint) issued the following statement in response to news that Ski Denton at Denton Hill State Park may not open this season for financial reasons:

“I am deeply disappointed by the prospect of Ski Denton at Denton Hill State Park being closed this winter. The park is a wonderful place enjoyed by so many of us in the area, and it has great potential to offer year-round recreation. Despite years of calling on the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) to step up and invest in the park’s infrastructure, the facility has been virtually ignored by state officials. Considering the financial boost the state gets from the thousands of acres of state-owned land in our region, it is certainly fair to expect some of that money to be invested here at home.

“I have spoken with DCNR in recent weeks about this situation and am encouraged the department has agreed to conduct a feasibility study to identify ways to not only improve skiing at the park but also open up other year-round recreational opportunities.

“I am committed to working with the concessionaire, DCNR and Sen. Joe Scarnati to do all we can to keep the ski area open. And by working together, I believe we can look forward to a brighter future for Denton Hill State Park.”


Anonymous said...

Doesn't Scarnati and Causer know what a useless agency DCNR actually is. Just look at all the bloated office staffing and the nonexistent results for public recreation. I can still remember DCNR touting all the tourists that the Pa Wilds would bring to our area. Where are they? Obviously not at Denton Hill or they wouldn't be in financial trouble.

Anonymous said...

Toss everybody out and run it with taxpayer funded employees like every other State and National Park. The current and past ones running this place have sown that the private person can't do it.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that Rep. Causer and Sen. Scarnati are finally holding the DCNR's feet to the fire. I could never figure out why the state dumped millions of dollars into the Lumber Museum when the Woodsman's Carnival is the only time people ever go up there. Ski Denton gets more visits on one winter weekend than what the Lumber museum gets in 6 months.

Anonymous said...

We don't need a feasibility study. Take the money from the feasibility study and give it to the resort.
If Causer does not come through with the opening of Ski Denton this year he's days of giving away hotdogs at the senior fair may come to an end. And his days of serving them a Sheetz's just beginning, if he's qualified.

Anonymous said...

One thing every one is failing to realize is that the Lumber museum is not a DCNR facility or a state park. Hence, therefore, ergo different funding and a terrible comparison. Is it a shame for the area, absolutely. As far as PA Wilds not bring in tourists, I would bet businesses in Benezett and other areas would disagree with that.

Anonymous said...

and what are they doing with all that drilling money? gas is high and they raised my taxes..

Anonymous said...

Millions shoved in Corbett mattresses, royalty checks stuff in landowners beds too. You know, can't spend that money and help the economy or local Pennsylvanians.

Anonymous said...

Woodsmans carnival (Show) is at Cherry Springs...Bark Peelers is at the Lumbermans Museum, which id run by the Museum commission and NOT STATE PARKS,,Causer and Scarnatti can pontificate and haw all the want. It is just political posturing...if the don't find a professonal ski organization or business to take over the lease at is not going to least not as a ski operation...the current concession lease owners wasted no time in going over there and removing all the non-state owned ski equipment...expect to see it at Sawmill or Swain, for all the concern they supposedly had for the future of skiing at Denton.

Anonymous said...

everyone whines about taxpayer money but when it effects thier area they are all to glad to spend taxpayer money

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU Rep. Causer and Sen. Scarnati! If there are two men who can get this done, I have faith in both. When I was in office, the State "made" the county fix Lyman Run or breach it! Lyman Run was saved. When the Dark Skis were made known to the world, DCNR and the PA WILDS were up and running - and this was created. Gov. Rendell added money to the budget so the much needed repairs could be made to The PA Lumber Museum and, believe, me, this took some doing.

Taking all of this in to consideration, I have all the faith in the world that Rep. Causer and Sen. Scarneti can get things going in order to keep Ski Denton running. If "we the people" can start a fund to "SAVE DENTON HILL SKI LODGE, I'm in! However, not one red cent will be allocated to DCNR! Ski Denton is as much, if not more of a tourist attraction just as the other destinations in the PA WILDS!

Working together, we all can get this done!

Cathy Bowers

Anonymous said...

1:22:00 Just wanted to follow up and let you know that of course they went in and got the equipment out. State told them that whatever was left at such a date would be taken. Didn't give them much time either. That equipment was technically owned by them. They put a lot of personal money into that. Not to mention they were never fully paid for when they sold it.

It's theirs. Dont like it? Spend your own damn money for that equipment.Stop trying to make them look bad.