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Friday, October 24, 2014

Think About It

Is It Hard To Say NO?

Someone once said that the definition of stress was “When your heart says no but your mouth says, Yes, I’d love to”. Many of us have difficulty saying no. We get roped into to many things, serve on too many committees, involved in too many activities, and all the while wishing we’d never open our mouths. Such is the plight of many.

There have been many times that I have kicked myself for volunteering to do yet another project. And if I didn’t kick myself, my wife was willing to do it for me. In a schedule that is already filled with numerous tasks, why do I add another one? Why do you? Is it that we like pain? Or are there other reasons behind our actions that we are unaware of that we need to address and deal with.

For many who have a hard time saying no, the problem relates to issues within themselves. We don’t want to disappoint people, because we’re afraid that somehow that will reflect back on us. For others saying no reflects on their understanding of what their Christian faith is all about. Thinking that we need to be a servant, we agree to serve anywhere and everywhere. We want people to like us so we agree to do what they ask, and then quietly resent them for asking us in the first place, failing to realize that we put ourselves in that position.

The way that we change is by learning to set up boundaries. When we have loose or no boundaries, we allow others to walk all over us, and ultimate take advantage. Yet the problem isn’t with them it’s with us. We give away our power, our time, and our energy. Instead of giving these things away, we need to learn to protect them.

Even Jesus said no to the demands of people to pray and be alone. Taking care of himself made him more effective in helping others. Do you need to practice saying “No”? Think about it.

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Anonymous said...

This is interesting. Saying no is very difficult, making what's written here good advice. Thanks.