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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Father Campbell Expresses Thoughts On Immigration Reform.....

Letter to the Editor......

November 22, 2014

Dear Editor,

On November 20, the President of the United States delivered a speech on immigration. He said: “Scripture tells us, we shall not oppress a stranger, for we know the heart of a stranger. We were strangers once, too.” As a Catholic Priest, I am glad to see that religion has been welcomed back into public debate in such a public fashion on primetime television, especially since this crucial issue concerns human dignity, the poor, immigrants, and their families.

I am the son of an immigrant. My father and his family came to the United States from Scotland just after WWII and they were not allowed to immigrate directly to the United States because the quota had already been met for that year. As a result they were forced to move to Canada and become Canadian Citizens and subsequently two years later they were allowed to immigrate to Buffalo, New York. During that time my grandfather’s life savings, which were held in British sterling, devalued by fifty percent. In other words he lost half of his life savings because while in Canada his finances were in British currency. Had he been living in the United States; had he been allowed to come directly into the United States, he would have converted his finances to U.S. dollars; he would have been able to preserve those monies. 

My father and his family had real hardships in the early years. In fact, they weren’t able to buy a car and for the first couple of years they traveled on the bus because they didn’t have enough money to do the things they needed to do. Again, these are people who did things the right way, people who did things legally, and people who did not circumvent the law because they were just laws that were in place to protect people.

Illegal immigration has to end. It is a violation of just laws and therefore it is an evil that can never be tolerated or supported even if a foreseen good can come about, because the ends do not justify the means. The sad reality is that illegal immigration has only been tolerated in this country to satisfy money hungry Capitalists whose businesses have thrived and Communist Economists whose profitable desires have been placated through the exploitation of the poor and the vulnerable. In short, the only ones who have profited from illegal immigration are the rich and the powerful. Illegal immigration is a social justice issue that has long been talked about and never adequately acted upon by Republicans or Democrats!

We as citizens of a democracy bear the responsibility for allowing this injustice to continue for over three decades in America, and it is an injustice, make no mistake about it. As a people of faith we cannot remain silent or indifferent on this crucial issue. As faithful citizens we must speak forcefully and act decisively. We must challenge all parties and every candidate to put an end to this gross exploitation of the poor.

For too long we have been a nation that tolerates the hypocrisy of a system where workers who pick our fruit and make our beds never have a chance to get right with the law! For too long we have been a nation that accepts the cruelty of ripping children from their parents’ arms like Elian Gonzalez who was seized by armed INS agents even after his mother died getting him here from Cuba. Let us not forget the countless undocumented children presently being held in facilities down south or the millions of unborn children who have been torn from their mothers’ wombs as a result of Roe vs. Wade! For too long we have been a nation that has not valued families and has not worked to keep them together. This is evident not only in our tolerance of illegal immigration but also in a welfare program which offers government incentives to discourage people from getting married and encourages single motherhood and having multiple children out of wedlock.

The Immigration System is not broken; it has not been enforced by President Reagan or any other president since. They have all been cherry picking which laws to enforce and which laws not to enforce, therefore, as a result, we have countless undocumented immigrants living in America and being exploited. The President’s attempts to rectify the situation, even if well intentioned, do not adequately address the problem. We ought to not simply tolerate undocumented immigrants here in the United States like Joaquin Phoenix playing the Emperor Commodus in the movie Gladiator, giving a thumbs up or thumbs down, rather we are to love them and help them by just and lawful measures to obtain the rights and freedoms that our forefathers desired for all people. Telling undocumented immigrants to come out from the shadows, to pay taxes, and to live in a society in which they enjoy no rights or freedoms and none of the privileges afforded to citizens, will only continue to exploit them for economic ends. This is the equivalent of telling a lamb to come out of a cave when a lion is lurking at the entrance. 

These immigrants came to America at great risk seeking Lady Liberty only to find a Marxist imposter with a torch burning brightly in the night telling them to work harder and longer with no reward, no security, no personal property, and no dignity. As people of conscience and good will, we ought to urge the members of Congress to work for and to attain full citizenship for those living here in the United States and at the same time to strengthen our borders, to uphold the law in its entirety, and to put an end to the selective enforcement of immigration laws which allow for the exploitation of the poor. Only in this way can we move forward and begin to heal this gaping wound in our nation’s identity.


Rev. James C. Campbell
St. Eulalia Catholic Church
6 East Maple Street
Coudersport, PA 16915


Anonymous said...

Emperor obola won’t let anything stop his marxist agenda.
He hates the United States and wants to turn us into a third world country economically and demographically.

iHis actions are illegal and unfair to the American taxpayers,
legal immigrants, and those who have played by the rules and wait to enter the USA legally.

Remember, there are already MILLIONs of unemployed citizens and legal immigrants. Any other country invaded by millions of people would have secured their borders and declared war.

Republicans and democrats have ignored open borders for over 40 years. Our borders need to be secured immediately and the illegals need to be treated as the criminals they are, not as taxpayers’ dependents.

The fact that an illegal can be deported(wink, wink) four
times and then murder two California policemen speaks
volumes about our border enforcement.

Tom Maynard said...

Thank you Jesus, for this message. Thank you Rev. James C.Campbell, for taking the time and using your knowledge, expertise and courage to share your family’s experiences and your thoughts on this subject. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

President obumma uses scripture to sell the American people on his ideas ! Lets not forget him saying we here in the hic area of the country just cling to our guns and bibles! He and his merry band of thieves will say or do anything to push his agenda. The greatest thing the devil ever did was to convince man that he doesn't exist!

Anonymous said...

According to Numbers USA, there
are over 34 MILLION ILLEGALS in
the USA.

They DO receive SNAP Cards(food
stamps), subsidized housing, and
FREE medical. Do some research and You will find that this is true.

Anyone who says illegals don't receive these benefits are either lying to You or they are ignorant. Ignorant just means not informed and has nothing to do with intelligence.

Become informed and be an active
voter citizen. We taxpayers can't
afford this travisty of justice.

Anonymous said...

How we seem to forget that 3 or 4 generations ago when our descendants came here as "illegals"they were able to stay in this country and have future generations... Maybe we should ALL be deported back...

Anonymous said...

We've been waiting for 30+ years for Congress to do something about our fractious immigration laws. What makes you think they'll do anything about them in the near future?

Allocating the limited resources Congress makes available for Immigration and Customs Enforcement from deportation to border enforcement, which is a major part of what has been proposed, seems entirely consistent with the authority of the executive branch.

Also, I don't see how Marxism plays a role in the very capitalistic method of exploitation of cheap labor for purposes of increasing profits.
It's our "Job Creators" who like the system the way it is, not the wealth re-distributors.

And finally, you spoke of immigration visa quotas being filled when your family immigrated, well that's the situation for those seeking liberty from south of the border. The quotas for those seeking to immigrate from our southern neighbors are and have been, for a long long time, kept extremely and artificially low. There's a decade long waiting list to immigrate if you're trying to come from south of our border. Meanwhile, European Immigration quotas are much more lenient.

Something needs to be done. If the president's actions spur congress into action, then it would have been worth it.

Anonymous said...

7:18 PM:
The USA is already a third world country, a process that started during the reign of the conservative hero Saint Ronnie. Immigrants made this country the greatest in the world, and could do it again, but all I hear is "send them back" and "close the border". How about pressing your Congresspersons to actually do their jobs and pass some legislation?

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmmm how we forget that 3 or 4 generations ago people had to follow laws...Not massage them to fit their personal needs.they went through the correct process to become an American citizen.....they weren't allowed to just jump a fence.....or skip across a border....there were consequences for those actions.....our ancestors learned the language of the land....ENGLISH....they did not have special accommodations written on every package in their native tongue...Our ancestors had a strong work ethic and respect for others..they took pride in what little they owned..houses weren't heaped with garbage in front of them...there weren't hand outs and the creation of welfare was to assist people in transition from job to job....not a way of life..our country is in shambles....what kind of future do you want to leave for generations to come?

Jimmy CrackCorn said...

We also seem to forget that 3 or 4 generations ago there were no programs like welfare or snap to support the immigrants and everyone back then had the freedom to settle and live off the land. Now they come here just because they CAN get free support and not have to work. There is a difference between then and now.

Anonymous said...

31 out of the 34 million reside in Bradford pa. Interesting statistic. We owe them for the rich culture they bring to the USA. And the drugs, diseases, and the jibber jabber they speak so they can work at a call center for Verizon. Deport all of them.. And that Obama guy.

Anonymous said...

11:16. Because they actually worked hard and were productive. And they were mostly white. They didn't use welfare or rape SSI. Get a life. Deport yourself.

Anonymous said...

I find it so very hard at this point to believe that there are still people who put any kind of trust in the words of the person living at 1600 Pa. Ave. He will do and say anything to make his agenda more palatable to the American people and his use of scripture is just another farce and evidently some people swallowed it hook, line, and sinker. Wake Up People!

Anonymous said...

He is not a reverend he is a priest. Hence "Father" James Campbell

Anonymous said...


When people came 3 or 4 generations ago, they eagerly
embraced their new country,
worked and supported themselves
and didn't expect others to
provide them with food, housing, and medical care. Also if they were gang members pushing drugs and murdering citizens they were dealt with immediately.

Also the majority came legally
in those days. They had to pass health examinations and means tests. Now the majority comes here illegally. Approximately
10% of the USA's population is illegal.

Anonymous said...

The only people I see using their snap card at sheetz or shop n save are white people third generation welfare receiving wastes and burden on the USA . The only illegal immigrants I have seen worked hard moving lawns working in restaurant and on farms. If you told illegals they could become citizens but receive no financial / housing/ food assistance they would all sign up. If you told the third generation welfare recipient they will receive nothing potter county would become bankrupt as we depend on government assistance to survive its apart of this regions culture.

Anonymous said...

ANYONE who disrespects the President of The United States with their name calling & racism, should be deported! Show some respect, whether you like him or not. Nice thing your teaching our younger generation. Shame on you!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

12:40 no one has to respect anyone no matter who you are. You don't have to accept or respect anyone just because he is the president. I don't know who made you the rule maker.