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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Historical 1960-1964 Centennial Parades DVD available

Historical 1960-1964 Centennial Parades DVD

Historical 1960-1964 Centennial Parades DVD available by pre-order shown at Emporium's 150th Birthday celebration currently being offered by the Cameron County Historical Society.
Historical Society Board Director Michael Wennin recently discovered a film that included Cameron County and Emporium's Centennial Parades and grabbed at the chance to obtain it for our files.

Wennin had the old style film converted to a DVD that was shown at Emporium 150th Birthday celebration held this past October at the VFW. It quickly became such a hit at the celebration, with most who saw it requested copies.

The uniqueness of this DVD is that it had never been shown before and was actually filmed by a professional who left the area shortly after the parades occurred.

Pre-orders only are being accepted for the DVD as the Historical Society must meet a minimum threshold in order to have the copies made. The final date to order will be December 1, 2014! They are scheduled to arrive the beginning of December for those who might want to purchase it as a unique Christmas gift for any local history buff!

The DVD will cost $10 - shipping to any US location is available for an additional $3 - Checks can be made out to the “Cameron County Historical Society” and sent to PO Box 433; Emporium, PA 15834.

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