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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Reader Reports Mail Order Scam Using Postal Money Orders

Post Office Money Order Scam. "Mystery Shopper".

The Current Post Office Scam that is going around inquires individual's to become "Mystery Shoppers", sending individuals 2 Replicated Postal Money Order's with amounts of $938 each. There is a letter addressing what the individual's are suppose to do with the Money Order's. Individuals are told they got to go to their Bank, cashing the Money Orders. After cashing the Money Order's go to a close retail store such as Rite-Aid, CVS, Health Goods, etc., buy 3 GreenDot Cards at the price of $400 on each card. The additional money left over is to pay for activation's, and other purchasing fee's. Beyond purchasing the GreenDot card's, scratch the Pin; sending the information to an email.

This Scam has been reported to the Local Post Office.

"Do not get involved with this Scam".
(Crimes are punishable by Local, State, & Federal Law's).

Names Associated with Scam:

1.) David Wilson,
2.) Greg Williams,

Number's Associated with Scam:

Email Associated with Scam:


Anonymous said...

Please , oh please, I beg you. Apostrophes are used for possessives, or for contractions, but when making nouns plural. I know this is not English class, but it becomes maddening for some of us to see more than one "fee" called "fee's", or more than one "card" being called "card's".

I am not saying your aren't as intelligent, or even more intelligent than I am. I am just suggesting an improvement to a very basic grammatical situation. In some contexts it can alter the meaning conveyed.

Sorry for the rant, I remain your humble servant who is also prone to error.

Rox-Anne said...

Dear anonymous, 2 mistakes: your aren't. Should have read, you're not or you aren't.