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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Bids to Plug 36 Wells in McKean County To Be Opened Today

Bids to Plug 36 Wells in McKean County

Save Our Streams photo
We are pleased to announce the Department of Environmental Protection ( DEP)  is taking a huge leap forward with plans to open the sealed bids that have been received from contractors who are bidding on the contract offered by Pennsylvania to plug 36 abandoned wells in Otto Twp. McKean County.

The sealed bids will be opened at 2:00pm today!
Some of the wells included in the contract have been leaking oil and other fluids; allowing contaminants to flow across a wetland located along Knapp Creek in Otto Twp., McKean County into Knapp Creek, a tributary of the Allegheny River for decades.
This contract is the largest plugging contract offered in recent years and hopefully today marks the beginning of the massive clean- up and plugging of thousand wells left unplugged by their operators in the Historic Bradford Oil Field.
McKean County has an unknown number of lost orphan and abandoned oil wells.
Many unplugged wells are leaking oil and methane, which is an egregious greenhouse gas. Left unplugged they are needlessly contributing to climate change.
A staggering number of  conventional wells are producing very little oil. And regulators have recently began  working to strengthen environmental regulations. The potential increase in costs to operate under strengthened regulations has been raising fears of  independent oil producers. 

With the shift away from conventional drilling as industry, academia and the government is investing in technology to improve oil and gas production from unconventional sources; some conventional well operators fear they will be forced to abandon their wells to the commonwealth.
The plugging program is already overwhelmed by the growing number of unplugged wells. Many are the source of air, soil and water contamination and the DEP  does not have the funding to plug all the wells that are known to be causing significant harm to the environment.
The first oil well in Bradford Oil Field was drilled in 1871 and drilling began in Otto Twp. around 1875.Thousands of the regions wells were drilled by Pennzoil, Quaker State and Kendall Oil.

Hopefully this plugging contract is the first of many to address the unplugged wells in the Bradford Oil Field.

Save Our Stream PA’s  mission is to raise awareness and promote the plugging of Pennsylvania’s lost, orphan and abandoned  oil and gas wells. To learn more about Pennsylvania’s lost orphan and abandoned oil and gas wells visit

Contract: OOGM 14-6
If you follow that link and click “bid results” on the right side of the page, you’ll be able to see the 3 lowest bidders.  The results should be updated within an hour or so after they are opened.

 One contractor submitted a bid and it was rejected.


Anonymous said...

Why not use the oil instead of plugging the well ? I am sure some of these wells could produce oil for the good of the nation.

Anonymous said...

6:13 The nation may be a little better off if it stopped subsidizing the fossil fuel industry.

Anyway, nobody in their right mind would touch these wells.
If a person uses the gas or oil from a well, receives any financial gain from a well or alters a well by attaching a pump-jack or pipes to it, the well becomes their responsibility to maintain and also plug.

These wells only produce enough oil and other fluids to contaminate the environment. The casings are rusted through. The oil, methane and other fluids come out of the sides and the ground nearby, not just out of the center where the production casings used to be. Some of these wells were plugged last spring and need re-plugging already.

Anonymous said...

Bid was rejected because it was sent to the DEP in the wrong envelope.

Anonymous said...

I see that AlterNet News did a story using Bradford Pa as an example of the disasters occurred by fracking. Fracking creates a temporary product and leaves everlasting environmental damages.