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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

G2 Gymnastics – Candy Cane Classic Results

G2 Gymnastics – Candy Cane Classic Results
Recently, G2 Gymnastics & Fitness of Shinglehouse, traveled to Brockport, NY for their Candy Cane Classic gymnastics invitational hosted by Bright Raven Gymnastics Center. 

Ten members represented G2 Gymnastics at the invitational. The event was held at the Suny Brockport fitness complex and hosted over 400 gymnasts, levels 3-10, from NY and Northern PA. The G2 Level 3 Team brought home a 4th place team trophy from the large competition. 

Leading the Level 3 Team was Kaylee Oswald, Ashley Oswald, Hailley Edgreen, Autumn Gagliardo, Maddison Schoonover, and Arianna Waterman. Along with leading the level 3 team, Arianna Waterman also turned in a strong performance, qualifying to the Level 3 State competition held in March. Level 3 gymnasts must receive an all-around score of 34.00 or higher at a sanctioned event to qualify at the State level.

Gymnasts added to the 9.0 club for this competition are: Autumn Gagliardo-vault 9.05, Maddison Schoonover-vault 9.0, and Madison Miller-vault-9.05. Gymnasts added the All Around Clubs were: Selin Sumer-33.575 and Arianna Waterman-34.475.

After the holidays, our competitive team will continue training as they prepare for their largest regular season competition in Erie, PA. The event will host over 1400 gymnasts from Pennsylvania, New York, and Ohio. 

G2 Gymnastics & Fitness offers multiple classes and programs starting at age 3 through adulthood. If you would like more information on our programs, please visit or contact us through email: This is a great program for boys and girls of all ages and skill level. No experience needed! Next session begins January 3rd - Register online NOW to reserve your spot!

Full Meet Results:

Kaylee Oswald: vault:8.20, bars:7.80, beam:7.55, floor: 7.90, AA: 31.45
Ashley Oswald: vault: 8.45, bars: 8.05, beam: 8.525, floor: 7.85, AA: 32.875
Hailley Edgreen: vault:8.75, bars: 6.75, beam: 8.50, floor:8.575, AA: 32.575
Autumn Gagliardo: vault: 9.05-4th, bars: 6.05, beam: 8.45, floor: 8.25, AA: 31.80
Maddison Schoonover: vault: 9.0-8th, bars: 7.475, beam:7.35, floor:7.70, AA: 31.525
Arianna Waterman: vault: 8.85-9th, bars: 7.925, beam: 8.95-4th, floor: 8.75-8th, AA: 34.475-9th

Laci Miller: vault: 8.20, bars: 7.90, beam: 6.90, floor: 8.05, AA: 31.05
Selin Sumer: vault: 8.20-9th, bars: 7.80, beam: 8.725, floor: 8.85-8th, AA: 33.575
Emma Saulter: vault: 8.20-9th, bars: 7.90, beam: 7.85

Madison Miller: vault-9.05, bars: 6.80, beam: 6.95, floor: 8.325, AA: 31.125

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