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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Gandolph the Wizzard, A Creation of Local Stained Glass Artisans, Is Up For Adoption


'Gandolf the Wizzard'

Commissioned and built in 1978 by Lumin=Essence Stained glass in Port Allegany Pa.
This is a design collaboration of Jeffrey Speeth, Dany Head and Martha Speeth. I still have fond memories of watching the process develop from idea to design to completion. Their desire to build a Tolkien themed window and my love of his writings made it an easy subject choice. One week later 'Gandolf the Wizzard' was agreed upon. A one of a kind 36 x 45 inch window was made mostly of hand cast opalescent glass, both domestic and German. His hat was cut from a bullseye iridescent glass and his eyes from dichroic mirror (they always seem to be looking at you). The elvish writing at top and bottom was etched in a flashed ruby red French glass, and quotes two lines of JRR Tolkien's one ring poem in the Hobbit 'One ring to rule them all, One ring to find them.

Built 20+ years prior to the movies, it amazed me the character likeness created by Martha's design and Jeff and Dany's use of glass, texture, color and caning to bring life to this window. Though no longer in business, I understood Jeff to be well known in the 1960-70's in the LA area. Dany working in the Oakland area in the 70's came east to team with Jeffrey and Martha. I found Dany (Daniel Head) on line with what surely is a very high-end west coast studio - Savoy Studios.

'Gandolf the Wizzard' is glazed in a hinged metal frame from which he could be removed if need be. The frame is a two-piece metal frame, one attaches to structure and window mounted in the second. It can swing open and be lifted and removed from first frame. If you are building, adding an addition or remodeling, 'Gandolf the Wizzard' has and can be a centerpiece of any room. I have enjoyed him for 35+ years and it is now time for someone else to enjoy his company for many years to come.

(The Artisan's did the spelling of Gandolf with an O and Wizzard with double Zee's, so I have continued to use it.)

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tooter said...

very-very nice...what is the adoption cost.