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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Rotary Learns About Long Farms And Where Their Products Are Sold

Rotary News

Speakers:Wayne Irish,Farm Manager,Ruth Sallade,
Carl Long,Owner of Long Farms
Wayne Irish, Farm Manager and Carl Long, owner of Long Farms are long-time farmers here in this area. There are 8 full-time employees, 4 with B.S. degrees. There can be between 25-30 extra workers. They also partner in a sod operation. 

Utz is the brand where most of their potatoes go. Companies that use the products are: Kelloggs, Utz, Poptarts, Kit Kats, Wal Mart, Cedar Creek, Great Value and Seabrook. 

If they run out of potatoes in March, they start again in Aug. They work as a team, just like Rotary does because they also have really good people. 

In turf grass, they send sod to many places: Pocono Raceway NASCAR the #2 turn has their grass, Bradner Stadium, St. Gabriels in Port Allegany, 2 football fields in Stroudsburg, 10,000 square feet to the Coudersport Golf Course, and to the Air Force Reserve in Pittsburgh. The first of Sept. they send out 6 truckloads of sod. 

Citizens of Tomorrow from Junior Class:Brandon Ehrensberger,
George Hults, Adam Ellis, Ruth Sallade.
 Their vegetables have a Grade A Fancy designation because of the tenderness and seed size. The Government has to have Grade A Extra Fancy sent to the prisons which is a higher standard than there is for schools. All of their products are Potter County – raised. Paul H. remarked that since he has gone local on the potatoes in his establishment, consumption has gone up 500%,


Roger and Jeanette Barker said...

Potter County Proud!!

Anonymous said...

Give our best grade a fancy to the scum bag criminals and feed the kids with the dregs. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Consumption has gone up since there are more prisoners!They get the best. What is wrong with our world?

Anonymous said...

Very refreshing to see Long Farms prospering and keeping our agricultural tradition alive. One issue that has troubled me is the tendency of local agriculturalists to use chemicals for pest control rather indiscriminately. There is a big misconception that a pesticide that is government-approved and applied in accordance with licensure and certification must not be harmful to the environment. It's not that simple.