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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Will Seneca Resources Violate Local Ban On Disposal Wells In Highland Township?

Disputed injection well moving forward in Highland Township

By CHUCK ABRAHAM Era Correspondent
Bradford Era

Seneca Resources Corp. is preparing to move forward with the next step of constructing a wastewater injection well in Highland Township, Elk County, but the township’s residents say they’re ready to fight.

In a letter dated Nov. 3, the Texas-based company gives formal notice of plans to convert a working well in Highland Township into a Class-II injection well, at a site roughly 2,200 feet from the local water source. Read more...


Anonymous said...

:) think about this for a second.. They must really think this is ok because if they didn't could you imagine the law suits that would come out of this and the money they could possibly loose if this failed. I'm sure the fines would almost cripple them or differently put a hurt to them. I'm thinking we might all be over reacting.. Complaining about something that hasn't even cause any problems.. Is this voyage like Christopher Columbus setting sail for the open seas knowing there had to be more out there.. It was a gamble for him.. He took the chance..

Anonymous said...

I agree with first comment. We need jobs and we need oil and gas. Check out the price of crude since we have stared find all these resources. Our President wouldn't allow the pipeline, so we would not benefit from that I>E> Jobs and Cheaper fuel for homes and autos, now we have our own liberals wanting to stop jobs and cheaper fuel and oil. Yes I worry about our resources that's why I Planted several hundred trees on my property 25 year ago. I have excellent spring water piped into my home and I live between two large oil operations. As comment one said .don't cry wolf till it has been proven true.

Anonymous said...

One of the precursors to permitting this injection well was the knowledge that nearby extraction wells no longer in service had been properly plugged.

Well, now...the guy responsible for plugging nearby extraction wells was just arrested for falsifying that very documentation and ordered to jail for 6 months and to pay back the $236,000 he scammed the state out of.

If the nearby extraction wells have not been properly plugged, then the injection well has no business moving forward.

To quote from the linked article:
"Prosecutors said he filed false certificates that environmental regulators relied upon to approve an injection well in Elk County, and all of the 95 wells he plugged over seven years will likely have to be re-plugged."

That's right, the DEP never inspected tat plugging and relied solely upon this bad actor from the industry willing to lie for the go ahead they gave to the EPA.

This industry cannot and should not be trusted and our DEP is far too cozy with the industry to also be trusted.

Screw this injection well. it's just another scam.

PS, the cement casing in EVERY well can only be guaranteed for 20 years...

Anonymous said...

EVERY well casing will eventually fail. Maybe in 20 years ... Maybe 50 years. Because most of us won`t be here doesn`t mean it`s ok. These energy companies could care less as long as the make budget.

Anonymous said...

What if it was by your drinking water and it did fail? Then I am betting it wouldn't be ok. the jobs that the oil/gas business are bringing are great but at what cost? The destruction of communities, business closures, illness, and destruction of the environment? I don't think the pros out weight the cons! And we as community members need to stand up for our rights and we have the right to have clean safe drinking water in our community and by putting the waste in this area would put that in jeopardy and that is not a chance we should take.

Anonymous said...

Of all the places to drill does it have to be so close to someones water source? What if it does harm their water source, then what they all move and with what no one will buy their places under that condition. So why take the chance?

Anonymous said...

The wells the gentleman plugged wrong were very old shallow wells that were drilled long before the fracking process was used. Now granted it still could pollute the water, but there is a risk of pollution with pretty much anything this day in age.

Anonymous said...

ask anyone from Youngstown Ohio about their injection well. so many earthquakes the well was abandon.

Anonymous said...

There are wells drilled in the early 1900's that go beyond 4000 feet in depth. To make some kind of claim that the fraudster only falsified the documentation for 92 old shallow wells is complete bullshit.

I don't mind you lying to yourself in order to rationalize someone's actions but dammit, when you lie to others in order to justify crap like this then you're actually damaging other people.

Wake up you fool. This industry should never be trusted.