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Friday, January 23, 2015

Corbett’s top energy adviser hired by gas industry


Anonymous said...

This just goes to show you what kind of underhanded leadership we'll have with the wolfe administration. They let this man go and he's not supposed to find another job but yet wolfe's first two appointees are anti agriculture and anti jobs and you had better believe that he's looking at anti gun measures too. While the rest of the nation was throwing liberals out philly and pittsburg elected one as govenor. Gov. Corbet wasn't perfect, far from it but wait and see what kind of a mess this clown is gonna make of our beloved state and by the way, while you're waiting and seeing you had better hold on to your wallet real tight because you'll soon be parting with more of your hard earned dollars in the form of new and increased taxes with no new benefits for the WORKING populace. Disgusting, just plain disgusting.

Drill and drill some more! said...

They are questioning that the man searched for an landed a job after serving in the state government? Was he supposed to go on a book signing and speech tour? Why is this even an issue? How about saying good for him that he was able to land a job right away instead of insinuating that has/had ulterior motives!! The oil/gas industry has brought FAR more benefits to this state than many care to speak of while spouting their tree hugging vitriol!

Anonymous said...

It's an issue because it raises questions about his performance while serving in his government job. This is why people tend to dislike politicians and their appointees. They are there more for self-enrichment than public service.

Many government agencies prohibit taking a job in private industry for two years upon leaving. It is intended to prevent corruption, not that it seems to work.

That you favor the extraction industry is immaterial. This isn't very ethical, and it doesn't pass the stink test.

Anonymous said...

@ 1:41, where would you suggest he get a job if not in the private sector? After losing his job due to the change in Governors, is the man supposed to sit back and do nothing for 2 years as you seem to be suggesting?
Most of the restrictions you cite are to prevent people from LOBBYING the government they served for 2 years after leaving. If the position he acquired doesn't involve lobbying, whats the problem?

Anonymous said...

@7:00 The question is, was this guy hired because he played ball with the industry? Was the advice he gave the former governor colored by the expectation of a reward? Do you think somebody is likely to be unbiased if he is hoping to land a job in the same industry he is supposed to be advising the governor on?

The revolving door between industry and regulators is a real problem in our country. Look up the congressional report on the Deepwater Horizon disaster. The people who were supposed to be making sure those rigs were safe were basically looking the other way because they knew they would be walking into 6 or 7 figure jobs in a few years if they played nice.

I'm not against fracking, but I absolutely do not trust out state government to regulate it properly. I think it can be done safely, but I do feel confident that it is being done safely here. From the very beginning our lawmakers have been all about "what can we do for the industry," instead of "how can we make sure they are extracting our resources safely."

You can't have your watchdogs sitting in the laps of the people they are supposed to be watching.

Anonymous said...

The wingers are in full on denial as usual.

Tell them you heard from a guy that heard from a guy that it's warm in the White House, they'll turn around and tell you it's proof Obama is lighting fires.

Corbett's administration walks out with a smoke plume you can see from space? They'll tell you that's not fire, that's the librul conspiracy at work.

You wonder why anyone with a brain or living in a population center abandoned your party long ago.


This is EXACTLY the type of textbook turnstyle politics we need to get rid of.

But if THE PARTY OF PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY can't see past their own NOSES and call out the ROT INSIDE THEIR OWN RANKS, what hope do we have?

None. And that's why we'll continue to get what we deserve.

Not because the libruls are evil, or the rapeublicans are evil

because people like 10am, 1123am, 7pm bask in willful ignorance and they vote EVERY TIME.

They watch media that reinforces their ignorance. They never challenge their own "facts", they never challenge their public servants to do better, they worship talking head ideologues and corrupt politicians that steal from them at every turn.

Funny, the same thing they'll accuse their neighbors across the aisle from doing... yet nearly every Obama voter I know is more than capable of being critical of him. (most of us should be, he's basically a Republican)


Defending the irresponsible idiocy that was Palin? "THATS THE GOTCHA MEDIA TRYING TO TRICK HER!"

See also: every government power-expanding law and policy ushered in under a (R) since Nixon and then claiming "we're the party of small government!"

It's all just so god damned hilarious. Depressing and hilarious. We will get exactly what we deserve in this country.

NPR: There was a fox in the hen house and we can see blood in the coop!!

Anonymous said...

@1:02 you might want to see your Dr about increasing your meds. I don't care whether there is a D or an R after someones name . If they commit a crime or fail to uphold an oath of office, they deserve to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. That being said, NO one should be refused the right to take a job they have been offered if there is no lobbying taking place. Not everyone can get speaking engagements or write their memoirs for millions of dollars. Most people actually have to work if they can find a job.