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Friday, January 30, 2015

Coudersport Musician / Photographer Tim Walck Is Rotary Speaker

*Rotarian Todd Brown on left - Guest Speaker, Tim Walck on right*
by Cathy Bowers

*Tim Walck was *Todd Brown’s guest at the 1/26-15 meeting. Mr. Brown introduced Mr. Walck as a great musician who also has a photography business based in Coudersport. 

Mr. Walck graduated High School in 2002 and attended Mansfield University for Music. 

In 2007, he signed on with Celebrity Cruise Line and played for them for a couple of years.  Celebrity contacted him when they were building a new fleet and asked him to put together the music for them. 

Later on, he went back to Mansfield University to get his Masters Degree in Education and is
certified to teach music.  He is married to the former Megan Setzer.

In 2009, Mr. Walck opened his photography studio and it is located on N. West Street in Coudersport. He likes to perform with music and doing photography at weddings. 

He stated that it is similar to the way he does music gigs. In both endeavors you create a moment in time. But in music concerts, unless you make an album, once it is done it is over. In photography, you record the event and can see it over and over again.

While living on the cruise ship, his cabin was small and on level 5, above water level. He had to share a bathroom with the room next to his. On the Solstice ship, they set the entertainment up like the Broadway show “Wicked”. They had flying equipment for the actors and singers. They
would fly 60’ above the crowd. 

When asked if he gave music lessons he stated he has a few guitar students and also teaches woodwinds and brass. 

He also just got hired to play with the Great Lakes Symphony and will play in a concert in Rochester, NY. He also plays with Josh Wolf and Steve Russell in a Jazz Trio. 

Some neat and unique photo shoots he has done are, a Jamaican wedding and an Aviation wedding in Hartford, Connecticut.


Anonymous said...

Kudos and dildines to Tim for sharing his artistic gifts with the community.

Anonymous said...

fuck you and the horse you rode in on Jim. When I make a comment I expect it to be published. You are a one sided ass you know that don't you. You and your bible beating assholes....

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Anonymous said...

Would like to see what 1205 has to say. I m sure that individual is very involved in the community and volunteers their time.