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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Galeton January Weather Report

Last Fall I asked my friend and NWS "boss", Paul if he thought we would have as cold and snowy winter as we did in 2014. He said "no" and gave me several weather reasons why. Paul is not known for making mistakes,, however, judging by what has happened in January, I think he was wrong. I actually gave this information to all of those who asked me that same question.

January 2015 has been a very cold and snowy month. It has been the start of yet another"old fashioned winter".

We hit 54 degrees on the 4th which caused some rain which then actually froze. There were some typical January days, however, it was a cold, snowy, windy month. We did have some nice sunny afternoons which did help somewhat. We recorded zero or below on five mornings.

We received 1.20" of melted precipitation and 16.1" of snow. Last year we recorded 1.32" of melted precipitation and 14.2" of snow.

This year we had 1" or more of snow on the ground for 24 days with the greatest snow depth of 8" on the 31st.

The average high for the month is 36 degrees and average low 20 degrees. The record is 65 degrees in 2008 and minus 20 is the record in 1994.

Better get up to Lyman Lake today for the "Shark" Ice O Rama" It may be the last chance to get out since the NWS is saying we will be hit with a significant winter storm Sunday and Monday.

Henry W. Lush NWS Observer


Maxine Harrison, Director, Friends of Lyman Run said...

Thanks for the plug, Henry!!

Anonymous said...

You going to see your shadow Tuesday morning?