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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Galeton Rotary News

Galeton Rotary News

by Henry Lush

The Galeton Rotary Club met Thursday evening, January 15 at 6:30 at the Ox Yoke Inn. Clyde Pierce, Principal of the Galeton Area School District, presented the program for the evening. Clyde is also a member of Galeton Rotary.

Clyde spoke about the Building Level Academic Score at the GASD. Presently the score is 69.4. Good scores for the school are in math, grade 3 reading programs and literature. The GASD will be working extensively this year to raise all scores.

There are approximately 368 students in the GASD. 36 student are now in cyber school. The cyber school program is costing the GASD $500,000. annually. This expenditure is putting a severe budgetary strain on the school. Because of this state program the GASD cannot monitor student performance and several other aspects of cyber school. Hopefully the state government will make changes in the legislation governing this program which will allow the school to track student performance and the overall outcome of the student taking this course.

Rotary in 2015 is planning to rebuilding the Christmas Star, repair and upgrade the lake benches and flower boxes and replant the missing trees around the lake. Work will begin on the 2015 Woodsmen's Show and the annual Cole Memorial sponsored blood testing will be hosted by the club in March.

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Anonymous said...

While there are many benefits to cyber schooling, this is not one of them. Taxpayers will ultimately have to pay more in order to maintain the brick and mortar schools.