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Friday, January 9, 2015

It's Time for President Obama to Appove Keystone XL; Pennsylvania Jobs at Stake

House Approves Pro-Jobs Keystone XL Pipeline Bill
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Touts Pennsylvania Job Creation Resulting From Construction of Infrastructure Project; Urges President’s Approval

Washington, D.C. - U.S. Representative Glenn 'GT' Thompson (PA-5) today released the following statement regarding his vote in favor of H.R. 3, a measure approving the Keystone XL Pipeline Project. The legislation passed the House by 266 to 153.

"Today, the House passed legislation approving the Keystone XL Pipeline with broad bipartisan support.  This is an energy and infrastructure project that over its lifespan will inject billions into the U.S. economy,” stated Rep. Thompson. “Despite bipartisan support, the President has announced his intention to veto this common sense proposal.”

“It’s been 2,303 days and counting since the Keystone XL pipeline was first submitted to the State Department for approval. Since then, the project has been found it to be environmentally sound and a certified job creator, including contracts for Pennsylvania based firms. It is time for President Obama to set aside politics and act in the best interest of the country by allowing this project to proceed,” Rep. Thompson added.

“At a time when job creation should be a top priority, the Keystone XL pipeline project will put Americans back to work and have ripple benefits throughout the economy,” said International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers’ President Edwin D. Hill. “From pipe manufactured in Arkansas, to pump motors assembled in Ohio and transformers built in Pennsylvania, workers all over the United States will benefit from the project.”

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) represents approximately 750,000 active members and retirees who work in a wide variety of fields, including utilities, construction, telecommunications, broadcasting, manufacturing, railroads and government. 

According to the U.S. State Department, under the Obama Administration, construction of Keystone XL would support approximately 42,100 jobs (direct, indirect, and induced), approximately $2 billion in earnings throughout the U.S., and pose no significant environmental impacts.  

The total estimated property tax from the project in the first full year of operations would be approximately $55.6 million in 27 counties across the country.

Furthermore, the project will generate over $65 million in sales and use taxes during construction alone. 


Anonymous said...

More propaganda by paid off politicians to try to brainwash people into thinking this is going to create jobs....especially in Pennsylvania. There's only going to be about 50 permanent jobs when it's all said and done, and NONE around here. The pipeline is out west not here. I say let the people who live there decide if they want it. Only THEY know the problems they are facing. Guess our politicians won't be happy until all our water is polluted.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Not all refineries can handle the nasty bitumen that comes out of these tar sands, it requires special equipment and processes that aren't very common.

There's already a pipeline from the Canadian tar sands dig into a capable refinery in American territory, it's in Minnesota. Owned and operated by Koch industries. But it's running at capacity. And they've already had disastrous spills from that pipeline into the Kalamazoo river several years ago which is still not cleaned up or resolved.

What this pipeline is all about is enabling TransCanada to increase tar sands production by allowing this oil to be shipped to another capable refinery in Texas. This one also owned and operated by Koch industries.

Koch industries is also a major investor in Tar Sands interests so the company is playing every possible side of this deal.

And the end products from this refinery won't be sold domestically, this refinery in Texas is on the gulf coast and will be exporting the finished products all over the world.

So, no, this won't benefit American energy users. That's a lie.

Pipelines fail all the time, the safety claim is also a lie.

The thousands and thousands of jobs claim is also a lie, only during construction will you see an uptick in jobs. Even then, not enough to touch the unemployment rate.

And the pipeline passes over the most important fresh water aquifer, arguably, in the world.

When they have to sell this project to the general public based so heavily on fabricated claims, one really does need to ask oneself...

Why do our politicians do this to us?

Who the hell do they actually work for?

Anonymous said...

republicans do not create jobs, they eliminate them, it increases profits !

the real reason for the pipe line is to ship our oil and gas out of the country to the highest bidder !

this will drive up prices here !

Anonymous said...

Some Native people are considering the confiscation of their land an act of war. Not that people matter to the promoters of this project.

Many of the stats cited by guys like GT had their origin in a conservative website developed for the specific purpose of spreading propaganda regarding the Keystone.

It benefits TransCanada and the tar sands developers, and it benefits China, who will be the end user of the tar sands oil. GT ought to be concerned about China and their adversarial relationship with America.

Just follow the money people. See how much was spent (ten of millions) in the last election cycle, and where it went (85+% to the GOP).

This isn't about jobs, although some temporary jobs will be created. It's one of the biggest lies in recent years by people very skilled at spreading them-politicians and their sponsors.

Too bad citizens don't dig for the truth and look out for their fellow countrymen and their property and cultures. We turn a blind eye based on political affiliations, and that's a cynical way to live.

We should be doing everything possible to protect water supplies in the Midwest and the west. We are running out. Placing this pipeline does very little to affect our energy situation, but does a lot to endanger the largest aquifer in America. That's just stupid. So are people who fall for this ruse, including our narrow-minded representative in congress.

Anonymous said...

10:02 The oil is already being exported and transported by train. The pipeline would be much safer. Burlington Northern is currently shipping most of this product and it happens to be owned by Warren Buffet. No 1 Pres. Obama supporter.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, 10:02, for so sanely stating the obvious truths about the "pipeline" issue.
I am truly greatful that there are those that understand the true value of clean water. Jobs & the stock market have absolutely "0" value if our people and all that subsist in our environment & nature don't have clean water.

Anonymous said...

@2:42 PM...yes, and one of those trains blew up in a Montreal neighborhhod and killed a bunch of people.

And a 20 inch Bitumen pipeline (same crap as these tar sands) spilled 10's of thousands of gallons of this crap in an Arkansas neighborhood rendering the entire area unfit for human habitation.

This is the dirties and worst of the worst in terms of petroleum.

And he ONLY reason for doing this is to ensure profits for Koch Industries and TransCanada.

Pipeline spills happen. MORE than you'd like to admit. So, is taking land by eminent domain to build this pipeline for private profits for a few, over the most important fresh water aquifer in the world, really THAT good an idea?

Get real!

Anonymous said...

The facts, very briefly, are these: Koch Industries has no interest in the Keystone Pipeline; it has not lobbied in favor of the pipeline; if the pipeline is built, Koch will make no use of it to ship oil from Alberta or anywhere else; and construction of Keystone would actually damage Koch’s economic interests by raising the price of midwestern oil that flows to Koch’s Pine Bend refinery. The reporters who wrote the Post article that tried to portray Koch as the driving force behind the Keystone pipeline, Juliet Eilperin and Steven Mufson, did not dispute any of these facts.

Anonymous said...

I am a faithful Republican and it sickens me how others in my party are seizing on this issue to continue the partisanship and distortions that pretty much guarantee we can never accomplish anything in Washington. Fox News fuels some of it, that's for sure. Glenn Thompson is guilty of it, too, in this case, although he is much more responsible and conscientious when it comes to many other issues. This is not a Democrat/liberal vs. Republican/conservative issue. Republicans who jump on this as their crusade falsely report that it will create a large number of permanent jobs and increase U.S. energy independence. Then they turn a blind eye to the environmental and social impacts and villainize anyone who has the audacity to expose their distortions and misinformation. We as Republicans need to do better than this. This is not the mountain we should die on.

parker molly said...

I guess good paying job,s aren't wanted in the us USA obamas against them he would rather see more fast food jobs an lets not drill any oil wells either lets buy it over sea,s an support terrorist .

parker molly said...

well I guess everybody make 50k a year and Obama,s the best president ever yea right lets keep supporting terrorist and be happy that our kid,s who have college degree,s work at Walmart or fast food while good job move south or over sea,s I know a lot of people that work in the oil and gas industry and they are all good paying job,s so you figure it out negative nelly,s

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:34PM for US Congress-2016!

Anonymous said...

@6:59...Jim Hoft is the dumbest guy on the internet...

Here's Reuters in 2011 spelling ou quite clearly the publicly researchable and significant financial interests koch Industries and a few of it's wholly owned subsidiaries have in the Canadian Tar Sands crude oil play...from mining the tar sands to processing the tar sands to transporting the tar sands to refining the tar sands, Koch Industries and it's subsidiaries has a major financial stake at all levels..

Dude, powerline Blog? Seriously? You would trust a very partisan blogger (nicknamed the dumbest guy on the internet, for real...)over multiple news agencies?

Open your eyes, remove your partisan blinders.

Anonymous said...

The claim here is that the Koch brothers will turn a $100 billion profit if the Keystone XL pipeline is constructed, essentially doubling their net worth.

As we’ve shown, the Kochs hold oil leases in Canada. We're not ruling out that they could benefit in some ways from the Keystone XL pipeline. But trying to extrapolate their oil-sands leases into a specific profit figure is sheer folly. The authors of the report that tried to do so made so many assumptions and mistakes that experts deemed their analysis "absurd."

We rate it Pants on Fire!

Anonymous said...
Billionaire investor Warren Buffett affirmed his belief that the Keystone XL pipeline would benefit America if it's approved by the Obama administration.

"I think probably the Keystone pipeline is a good idea for the country," he said during an appearance on CNBC's "Squawk Box" on Monday.

The proposed oil pipeline crosses an international border and requires approval from the White House, and a long-awaited decision may come within the next few months. Buffett admitted that he has "no idea" whether the president will approve TransCanada's project, but those for and against the pipeline have upped lobbying efforts in recent months as a series of disputes surrounding the Keystone XL decision have been settled, both helping and hindering the approval process.

When asked about the State Department's final environmental impact statement, released in January, and its assertion that Keystone would end up saving lives, Buffett said both sides will come up with sticking points for and against the project, but also acknowledged that "there are leaks on pipelines and the occasional explosion," but that they are "very, very, very, very rare."

Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway owns BNSF Railway, the second-largest freight railroad network in the country, and has benefitted from booming oil markets in North Dakota's Bakken shale. Despite his endorsement, he said Keystone wouldn't be "that big of a competitor" because it would be moving crude down from Canada.

The burgeoning number of oil trains transporting crude across the country has caused some concern after a series of high-profile derailments and recognition that oil from the Bakken region is more volatile. Buffett also said the rail industry will need to overhaul its safety standards and invest in a new kind of tank car as the industry continues to grow.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for reinforcing my point. That Koch industries has significant (although unclear) financial interests in every stage of this project.

Unlike the poster @6:59 who posted a link from the dumbest guy on the internet saying the Kochs had NO financial interest in Keystone.

Clearly, they do.

Anonymous said...

@7:08 , Politifact rated YOUR claim that the Koch Brothers would make obscene profits from the Keystone pipeline deal a pants on fire.
The Nebraska Supreme Court has thrown out the challenges to routing the pipeline citing no evidence it would have the claimed environmental impacts.