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Friday, January 23, 2015

Leroy (Butch) Schaffer is announcing his candidacy for McKean County Commissioner

Leroy (Butch) Schaffer is announcing his candidacy for McKean County Commissioner on the Republican ticket in the upcoming May Primary.

He is currently a member of the McKean County Planning Commission, Associate Director of the McKean County Conservation District. He serves on the Donald J. Comes Learning Center Leadership team for Penn State and McKean County Extension Office and he is the Norwich Township Republican Committee person.

Previously he served on the McKean County Blight Commission. He was a Township Supervisor for Norwich Township serving as Chairman, Vice Chairman and Road master.

He served as Vice President of the McKean County Association of Township Officials and a member of PSATS. While serving as a Volunteer Fireman duties included line Officer and Executive Officer. He volunteers weekly at the Crosby Fire hall. He is also a social member of the Norwich Township Fire Department, the John Berg Memorial Legion and the Norwich Township Sportsman’s Club.

He has a long work history in the planning and execution of the trades, building and excavating industry. He has many years of practical experience from labor to leadership and developmental roles while working in the private sector as well as Township Supervisor.

He is a volunteer and active member of many local and county committees that are vital to the stability and growth of McKean County.

Please lend your support in the upcoming election!


Anonymous said...

A smile would be nice.

Anonymous said...

Very nice picture! Those that know you, know this IS your smile. You've build a nice service background over the last few years. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, nothing meant by that. It is a nice pic, and no I don't know the man.

Anonymous said...

What is your stance on cannabis?