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Friday, January 2, 2015

New Years Message From Andrew The Harpist

Andrew Wright Bennett, known as “Andrew the Harpist,” PO. Box 35, Dayton, MD 21036 ,, please check out videos under "Andrew the harpist" on youtube, *24/7 Cell# 202-573-6015

January 1, 2015

Dear Ones;

First off, Happy New Year's to all! "FORGETTING those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I PRESS TOWARD the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus (according to the context, to experientially, completely, know Jesus!)."- Phil 3:14,15

OK! Here goes! See and meet "Michael Gabriel," the antique concert pedal harp given to me in upstate New York (then please forward this email to everyone you know). I've replaced most of the strings with fishingline and weedwacker chord, accept for the metal bass strings which have been replaced with newer strings. "Hepzibah," the hightop conversion van is up and running. When I travel, my head plucks the strings of my hammered dulcimer as I lay down, just missing the mandolin hanging on the wall, as I sleep betwixt my 6 ft pedal harp on the floor, and the 5 ft Paraguayan harp on the other side of the bed. I love this life!

I have CDs and other ministry materials to distribute as I travel. Whenever I can do so in a church, I appreciate having the whole service time, to speak (sometimes with Biblical costume and dramatic demonstration) and to sing for about 45 minutes (on the majesty of the Scriptures, revealing Jesus from Old Testament types and shadows, and our relationship with Jesus and His Soon Coming in the clouds promised by the Bible, also teaching on such practical matters as HOW to read the Bible and to have a powerful prayer life. BUT even when this can not be done, I still need a certain amount of time to take people away and into the The Presence of the Lord, singing with the harp primarily from the Scriptures, and also with songs I've composed and certain Christian songs and hymns selected for their powerful texts). 

The very most powerful thing I can do (which might require a special time beyond a church service) is to play the harp while others read the Scriptures and/or I sing the Scriptures with harp, piano, and other instruments. I call this a time of "Bible hearing." Lately, I've been singing portions of Scripture while playing the harp, then what I call "free psalming" (giving explanation of the text in song, and this will fit well into a church service), a very powerful ministry to all present. I'm finding that what church people need the most is to experience The Presence of the Lord among them with the Bible opened to them as a looking glass and Christ in the cross hairs. This is what I am about and what I can provide. The music acts like a barrier closing all present into the Lord's Presence and keeping everything else, out!

Lastly, I'm singing through the Bible now for the 9th time in my personal devotional life. I play 32 instruments, having built many of them, including the 5 ft Paraguayan harp I've built and will use in tandem with the concert harp, (I tune pianos too, and render Scripture in beautiful calligraphy.) Although I decided the best thing to call myself is "Andrew the Harpist," it is in a similar way that the prophet Amos was called a "picker of sycamore fig trees," and this is because who I am in Jesus goes way beyond the appearance of what it might seem to be. This is ministry, and I'm not to be called a "musician," being identified with the gift rather than the one to whom this giftedness points to, the Lord Jesus himself. I will need "prophet's quarters" at times as I travel, especially when I'm in a certain area for a season, so I can minister to churches and in homes in that area. I have a God given burden for the Washington DC area where I grew up. I find it one of the hardest places to minister while at the same time, the most spiritually needy!

Again, please forward this email to everyone you know. Thank you! As always, I so thank you all who have prayed for me and supported me with finances and with helps in the past. Please give as you feel led to this ministry. Checks can be made out to Andrew Bennett and sent to Andrew Bennett, PO Box 35, Dayton, MD 21036.


Andrew Wright Bennett, known as “Andrew the Harpist,” PO Box 35, Dayton, MD 21036 ,, please check out videos under "Andrew the harpist" on youtube, *24/7 Cell# 202-573-6015

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