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Friday, January 16, 2015

Penn State DuBois Launching Administration of Justice Program

Penn State DuBois Launching Administration of Justice Program

DuBOIS – Beginning in Fall of 2015, individuals interested in a variety of careers in law enforcement and corrections will have the opportunity to earn a bachelor degree in Administration of Justice at Penn State DuBois. Students will also have the ability to choose between two different options, either a bachelor of science in Administration of Justice, or a bachelor of arts in Administration of Justice.

The Administration of Justice Program focuses on the interrelated components of the criminal justice system, such as public and private sector enforcement and investigation, legal systems, correctional treatment, and community services. This comprehensive program provides an education that prepares graduates for a broad spectrum of careers in areas including federal, state, and local law enforcement, corrections, probation and parole services, community crime prevention and treatment services, and private sector security. Additionally, there are opportunities in juvenile and drug rehabilitation counseling, recreation programs, forestry settings, and other sites.

"We’re currently expanding our program offerings at Penn State DuBois in order to best serve the needs of the people in our region. We strive to offer relevant programs that prepare graduates for rewarding careers in fields where employees with valuable skills are in demand," said Chancellor Melanie Hatch. "The Administration of Justice program is just one new degree option that our students will have that can lead to a variety of rewarding careers. There is an excellent job market in this area for people looking to enter the criminal justice fields, but there is also a demand for criminal justice employees everywhere in the county. This degree can help graduates start a career almost anywhere they choose in the United States."

The study of administration of justice is approached as an applied interdisciplinary science, teaching students both the theoretical and the practical aspects of crime control. The curriculum provides students with the opportunity and assistance to acquire knowledge of the roles of policing, courts, laws, and corrections as they relate to both the adult and juvenile justice system. Students also gain knowledge of the history, concepts, and critical issues related to the role of gender and ethnicity in the criminal justice system, as well as victimology and ethics.

The focus of the bachelor of science degree option is intended for students interested in entry-level jobs at justice agencies. The option is focused on sharpening the student's talents of reasoning and judgment; qualities imperative to rational functioning in administration of justice and related professions. Extensive internships will provide valuable hands-on experience.

The bachelor of arts option provides students with a broadly based liberal education focused on the understanding and analysis of justice systems. Graduates of this program are given the background to be educated, thoughtful administrators in the justice system. Students earning the bachelor of arts degree will learn a foreign language and take additional humanities classes, useful educational components for those interested in a career in administration of justice.

For more information on the Administration of Justice Program at Penn State DuBois, or questions about how to enroll, call 814-375-4720, or visit

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