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Friday, January 2, 2015

Potter County Unveils Plans For Women’s Rehab Center In Harrison Valley

Potter County Unveils Plans For Women’s Rehab Center

addiction_rehabPotter County hopes to have a new Women’s Residential Rehabilitation Center open by February at the former Northern Tier Children’s Home in Harrison Valley. 

Many women who would otherwise be sent to jails in Lock Haven, Wellsboro or other towns will instead serve their time at the center, where they’ll receive a host of services designed to reduce the likelihood that they’ll be back in court. 

Jim Kockler, county director of human services, presented an update on the project at a recent Potter County Board of Commissioners meeting. He’s been spearheading the project for the commissioners and the local court system for more than a year. Kockler said the facility would house non-violent female inmates, many of whom are in need of substance abuse and/or mental health treatment, employability support, educational assistance and other services to get their lives in order. 

The county pays an average of $70 per day to rent jail cells in other counties, since the Potter County Jail is not equipped to house women. Cost savings from keeping those inmates in Potter County are expected to offset expenses at the new center.

Judge Stephen Minor and District Attorney Andy Watson will have to approve each offender who’s sentenced to the facility. Potter County Probation Department and Potter County Human Services will also be involved. The facility complements the county’s movement to establish “specialty courts” that provide special handling of criminal cases involving alcoholics and other drug addicts. The women will be housed in a residential setting, where families will able to visit and participate in structured counseling sessions with the detainee. 

A complementary effort is underway to improve re-entry services for men who are nearing their release at the Potter County Jail.

Northern Tier Children’s Home lost its primary tenant when Adelphoi Village suspended its juvenile detention services there several years ago. The facility’s management supports the county’s plan and a lease agreement is pending. 

A $300,000 grant from the Pa. Commission on Crime and Delinquency will subsidize expenses for the first two years of operation at the Women’s Residential Rehabilitation Center.


Anonymous said...

Who do you have to go through to apply for a job there??

Anonymous said...

I saw advertisements in the newspapers for the jobs with resumes to be sent to CareerLink, I think. I know for sure that the ads were in the paper. I think this is a great idea. Reminds me of the saying that you can sit around and complain about the way things are or you can do something about it. Most people don't get past the sitting around part.