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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Proposed changes to the mentored youth hunting program

The game commission has proposed to eliminated Deer and Turkey from the mentored youth program for hunters under 9

These numbskulls think that shooting a woodchuck or coyote with a 243 rifle is different or somehow safer that shooting a deer.

These numbskulls think because of a few bad apples changing the law will stop them from poaching. NOT

These numbskulls want to take away the best program that they have ever come up with.

These numbskulls don’t realize hunting on a nice warm morning in May is just the thing that will keep youth hunting and keep the heritage alive.

I would rather be in the woods with any 7 year old sitting on his dads lap with a 243 than in the woods with many of the idiots out there 25 years and older.

Contact your commissioner and your state rep before they change this program rather than expand it.

Go to the PGC web site /comments


G. Amend 58 Pa. Code § 147.804.

Commentary: The Commission has received extensive public comment regarding concern over the appropriateness of young children’s abilities to utilize high-powered firearms to harvest big game, as well as allegations of adults utilizing the harvest tags of mentored youth unlawfully. Wildlife Conservation Officers have encountered evidence of the allegations in several enforcement operations this past hunting season. The removal of eligibility for mentored youth under the age of 9 to harvest big game is intended to minimize both concerns expressed in public comment. The Commission is proposing to amend § 147.804 by removing deer and turkey from the list of species mentored youth under the age of 9 are eligible to harvest.



Phil Williams


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I'd care to share the woods with someone who keeps referring to people as numbskulls and idiots.

Anonymous said...

A hunter under 9 can not safely handle a firearm. Im glad they are changing it. And yes you maybe they will still be able to shoot a woodchuck or coyote but there wont be nearly as many kids under 9 in the woods after woodchucks or coyotes

Anonymous said...

I agree, a 7 or 8 year old is to young to be in the woods and kill large game. The mind of a young child is no where near developed enough to comprehend what they're doing. Doesn't matter if the Dad is there to coach them or not. I also agree with the game commission that a lot of the time the Dad is the one that does the actual shooting.

Anonymous said...

This program was awesome for my daughter and her grandpa. They made some awesome memories that she will forever cherish. My son just started going out with his grandpa but has a hard time holding still. This program is a wonderful learning tool for the kids. It teaches them so much about respecting nature and to appreciate everything you take. They learn where you food comes from and how to process it. These kids are learning life skills and know there food doesn't magically appear in the store. Our kids need this program to get ready and learn the skills to be a successful and safe hunter.

Anonymous said...

I tagged along with my dad for years before I was 12 and learned about the woods and being a sportsman. No real reason kids under 12 are hunting, they can tag along if they want and learn that hunting is more than just the kill.

go fish said...

The best program the game commision has ever come up with in my 26 years of hunting and because some ppl abused it they are going to change it. Punish everyone for the actions of a few. I have never liked that mentality

go fish said...

This was the best program the game commision has come up with in my 26 years of hunting. My son is much larger and more mature than most kids anywhere near his age group. It should be my decision as a responsible parent and hunter wether or not he is ready to harvest big game. This program gave that oportunity to us. As for the mentality of punish everyone for the actions of a few, poachers are going to poach no matter what the law states

Jimmy CrackCorn said...

I agree....there is nothing that says you can't take your kid out in the woods with you when you go hunting and teach them. All the program does is allow for another tag to be filled and is most often abused and not filled by the mentored youth.

Tony said...

Yup, that's right! The kids should stay home and learn how to play video games and smoke pot with the neighbor kids... If half you idiots would just take a kid hunting or fishing, for that matter, just one day a year you would see a difference in our society in five years. Kids are excluded from everything that adults do anymore. Seems like they have to find their own way in life and it usually doesn't end well. Quit being jealous about a 7-year-old shooting a bigger buck than you. The younger you can teach a kid ethics and responsibility the better we all will be.T

Anonymous said...

My 7 year old, Who has hunted for the past 2 years won't enjoy just tagging along. That would be like telling a 17 year old they can't drive until 18 after they have already driven for a year. All three of my children have benefited from the mentored hunting season and harvested deer. YES THEY ALL SHOT THERE OWN DEER AND TURKEY.Sure hope they don't change this. I know that tomorrow a 7 year old will be writing a letter.

Anonymous said...

Abide by your own rules. The hell with the game commission. They do not OWN the animals in Pennsylvania no matter what they think.

Anonymous said...

Why not let the parents decide for themselves whether or not the child can handle the firearm? There are plenty of low recoil calibers that will drop a deer at reasonable distances.

We need to get to kids young to teach them the sport before they are lost forever to video games and social media crap.

The mentored youth program was one of the few things the PGC did to attract youth to hunting, and of course they want to screw it up. This is nothing more than political correctness. The anti hunting/gun crowd are horrified that a child as young as 7 or 8 is shooting a "high velocity rifle." Leave it up to the parents!

Anonymous said...

MORE Rights taken away.... Maybe the parents and family should make this decision...It is getting down right STUPID ALL the damn LAWS to take away our Freedoms...How about the commission STOP messing with the balance of NATURE!!! They are just like the epa-irs-dep ect...TOO big and TOO much control...

Anonymous said...

Who cares!!! I am tired of all these stupid seasons that gives someone's snot nosed brat a chance to kill game before I do. Do your research and look at the citations that were issued during these special seasons. They typically involve a mentor shooting the game instead of the mentored youth and/or a game species/protected animal being killed because of the lack of education and supervision. Your mole faced little illegitimate children should stay at home and play with their Legos or themselves until they are capable of hunting. If that even happens. Seems a lot of the younger generation are being taught wrong and are easy to identify while they are driving around road hunting. Futhermore, if they wouldn't have taken the shooting teams out of schools because of some tit whining liberals thought that was a good idea more children would be taught gun safety by a certified instructor and not by some stupid video game that doesn't teach them right from wrong. Many, many parents are to blame for that. Your children are not as great as you think they are. You raised a few generation of morons already. Time for a change.