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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Retired Trooper Daniel Woods To Run For McKean County Sheriff

Retired Trooper Daniel Woods to run for McKean County Sheriff

I, Daniel Woods, would like to take this opportunity to announce my intention to run for McKean County Sheriff in the upcoming May primary election on the Republican ballot.

I was born in Kane, Pa and graduated from Kane High School in 1983. After graduation, I worked a short time for Thompson Floor Covering in Kane. In February of 1985 I enlisted in the United States Air Force. Throughout my time in the Air Force I was an aircraft mechanic and supervisor of a unit responsible for the detailed care and maintenance of the KC-10, a $75 million dollar aircraft which is the military version of a McDonnell-Douglas DC-10. During my experience, I was also in Saudi Arabia for Operation Desert Storm in 1991, for which I received the Kuwait Liberation Medal. In October of 1994, I was honorably discharged. 

After the completion of my military service, I moved to Smethport with my wife, Kimberley (Morey) Woods, and two daughters, Megan and Kayla, which is where we currently reside. In March of 1995, I was hired by the Pennsylvania State Police to be a Police Communications Operator (Dispatcher) in Mt. Jewett. In January of 1999, I entered the Pennsylvania State Police Academy to become a Trooper. Upon graduation, I was assigned to the Waynesburg Barracks in Greene County. In October of 2000, I transferred back to the Kane station where I worked in both the Patrol Unit and the Criminal Investigation Unit. During my career, I was named the 2004 Pennsylvania State Police, Troop C, Trooper of the Year. In 2006, I assisted in the hunt for and capture of Ralph “Bucky” Phillips, a dangerous fugitive. I retired and received an honorable discharge from the PSP on October 10, 2014. 

Training and certifications received while with the PSP include: Critical incident dispatching, on scene collision investigation, National Highway Transportation Safety Administration Child Passenger Safety Seat Training, Interview and interrogation techniques training, Field training Officer, National Incident Management training, Background investigation training and Active shooter training.

I started working for the McKean County Sheriff’s Office on October 13, 2014. I believe it was important for me to begin working as a Field Deputy to fully understand the mission of this Office. I look forward to interacting with the citizens of McKean County in this new stage of my Law Enforcement Career.

Aside from my career background, I also possess many qualities that are essential to be the Sheriff. I am an honest and trustworthy person, who values family and community. I have been married to my wife, Kim (Morey) Woods for over 29 years. I possess an even temperament and have had a great deal of experience making detailed decisions in difficult situations. Lastly, but certainly not least, I am a firm believer in the Second Amendment, in its entirety.

Having worked at the Sheriff’s Office for the last three months I have come to realize that this is a well-run operation, staffed by dedicated employees. In 2014 the deputies handled 1,251 incidents, provided security at the courthouse for trials, hearings, central court and plea/sentencing days, served bench warrants, and transported numerous inmates. The Sheriff’s Office also provides assistance to other county agencies and many law enforcement agencies, not only in McKean County, but throughout the Commonwealth and other states. 

The McKean County Jail was inspected by the PA Department of Corrections this past summer and received an overall excellent rating. It is my intention to continue these proven practices in order to provide a quality service to our hard working taxpayers. 

My motto is “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” Because I see the day to day functions inside the jail and the Sheriff’s Office, I understand that it doesn’t necessarily require any major changes if things are already running smoothly. In addition, I will continually be open to, and research new ideas for improvements while also being mindful of costs. My main goal is to not make any radical promises that ultimately would not be able to be upheld because they can’t be financially supported. 

I intend to reside in this area for many years to come and my plan is to always do what is best for McKean County.

Thank you for your support in the upcoming election!


Anonymous said...

Anyone can post positive things about themselves. Just because I spent 2 1/2 years in Iraq in no way qualifies me to run the army. Once the whole story, good and bad, comes out, then I'll make my choice. Doesn't help you are a republican. You know, the party that only cares about veterans when it benefits them. Also, living in the DUI capital of PA, if you can't see that alcohol is a way bigger problem than cannabis in this day and age and the majority of Pennsylvanians support it, you have NO business in being elected. You're supposed to REPRESENT the PEOPLE, NOT WHAT YOU THINK IS RIGHT FOR THE AREA!

Anonymous said...

You have my support Dan. I wish you the best in your endeavors. You are a fair and honest man. You are exactly the type of person that I would like to see in the position of sheriff.

Anonymous said...

@9:05 Where do you come up with this stuff? Please don't speak in public you are embarrising everyone!

Anonymous said...

What are positions on issuing a license to carry a firearm to resident and non residents, and signing off on NFA items?

Specifically please and changes you would make from we have come to expect.

These are important functions entrusted to the sheriff and should not be taken lightly.


Anonymous said...

Way to treat someone who did 2.5 years in Iraq fighting for your sorry ass! It is true that a ton of people believe that alcohol is a million times worse for society than cannabis, including myself. I don't think anything he said in the slightest is embarrassing and I would like to thank him for his service.

Anonymous said...

think @ 9:05 and @ 12:52 are same person lol

Anonymous said...

TO: The vet,

Everyone here thanks your for the sacrifice you have made to this country but your comments are rather offensive. Pulling the Vet card does not get you anywhere. Stop being ignorant! Dan woods is a good man and most people in our community believe that he will serve and has served our community extremely well!!

Anonymous said...

9:05- your last sentence sounds like you are talking about or so-called president.

Anonymous said...

I meant "our"

Anonymous said...

Someone actually brings up an actual issue and is automatically shunned?!? Not in this ignorant, bible-thumping, booze hound area!!!(that's called sarcasm). The heck with these narrow minded reaganists. I'm with you all the way!!! Thank you for risking your life so we could live free!!! If more people spoke their minds and read actual facts, stuff would actually get accomplished.

Anonymous said...

Is he running in the name of public service or sense of duty? Or is he just another 'double-dipper'?

Anonymous said...

LMAO jan 16 8:36pm That is some good sarcasm. And way to play to the gun toting, beer drinking, ignorant, bible thumping, hypocrites around here Dan. "I support the second amendment." Is a sure fire way to get their vote. "Oh look he gunna let us keep our guns he must be a great guy". These people think it's in the constitution so its sacred. Like all the supernatural malarkey in their bibles. Its called a amendment people. Which means the original document wasn't good enough so they amended it. Which means it can be amended again. We are talking about a piece of paper a couple hundred plus years old. Do you really think crap written that long ago will always be applicable? OH wait what was I thinking of course you do, look how you are with the bible. Course that's infallible too. I mean they would never have to make a new testament or a king james version etc.. Because the bible could never be wrong... Easy to get the vote of gullible, brain washed, ignorant people Dan. Why not try a bit harder and give the rest of us a reason to vote for ya.

Anonymous said...

sorry @ 7:34 cause you think you know so much about the Bible...it is Old Testament and New Testament. Old=before Jesus and New=Jesus' Birth,Death,Resurrection..including His Crucifixion for our sins...yes even the sins of people today. So yes it is applicable! Thank God it is! I will be praying for you..I don't know who you are but God does and He loves you.

Anonymous said...

Religious nut jobs. Make me laugh every day. Anyone seen the lame "come back to church" commercials? HAHAHAHA even Thomas Jefferson said religion was more useless than a wet piece of toilet paper.

Anonymous said...

Half of these comments make me laugh... they literally have nothing to do with what is really going on here. I'm not saying I do or don't support Woods, but let's be reasonable here... if you actually READ his intention you'd notice that never once did he say he felt qualified to run in this position because he was a prior vet. He's simply listing what he has done prior to this. And it's a shame that a fellow veteran is being so rude to another vet.. just goes to show where our country is at now. Also if you knew what the position of Sheriff entails you'd understand that he has no power to change any alcohol or cannabis laws so that really makes no sense being brought up. I'm actually not even sure how that got brought up? Also, as for the 2nd amendment comment I'm pretty sure he's saying it because that's such a hot debate these days and believe it or not there's a lot of people out there who don't support that amendment. It's kind of nice knowing that he does support it because it's kind of hard to be in a position where all of your employees carry guns if you don't believe they should have them... doesn't make much sense! And last but not least we have to remember that this is a county position with limited funds and any huge changes will be coming from our tax paying pockets... I respect the fact that he flat out said he isn't going to make crazy changes that we'll have to pay for!! He isn't making foolish promises to sound wonderful to get our votes.
With all that being said, maybe we should READ things before we all go off the deep end.