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Friday, January 16, 2015

The Galeton Development Corporation held their monthly meeting

The Galeton Development Corporation held their monthly meeting on Thursday, January 15 at the Brick House Deli with president Joe Pagano presiding. There were 17 members and friends attending.

Andrew Lychalk gave the chamber of commerce report. The annual chamber dinner will be held in March. The Christmas lights are being taken down. Vandalism of the lights did not happen this year. The community was appreciative of the decor and the work involved. He reported the Galeton Moose Club contributed $1050. to the GDC and he presented the check to the president.

John Ziegler gave the Rotary Club report. At the annual fireside meeting which was held at the Susquehannock Lodge on January 8th the club set some goals for the second half of the club year. Among the many project discussed the club appointed a committee to begin a repair and update of the popular Christmas star which has shone over Galeton every Christmas season since 1953. Also, another committee was established to bring students in to the club meetings to better acquaint them with the goals and purpose of Rotary. President Pete Folk suggested we repair and paint all of the bench/planters around the Berger Lake and to replace the flowering trees that have died and been vandalized. Rotary has many projects to complete between now and July. The plans for the annual Woodsmen's Show in August will start soon as well.

It was reported that the engineering problem at the Wetmore Run reservoir was being resolved. This was reported by the Borough Authority .

Dr. Brenda Freeman, superintendent of the Galeton Area School district, reported there have been many positive things happening at the school. The Tameris "Pink Night" which is a fund raiser for the breast cancer program at the Cole Memorial Hospital Foundation was a very successful event. New state regulations now require all volunteers at the school must now undergo a security screening and clearance process. Dr. Freeman spoke at length about the cyber school program. Presently 36 Galeton students are in this program and it now costs the school $500,000. This represents 10% of the student body and presents a huge financial burden on the school and, of course, the taxpayers. She urged everyone to contact Rep. Matt Baker and Senator Joe Scarnatti to help the school district to resolve this problem.

Terri Dennison reported on The Pa Route Six Alliance. This is the 10th Anniversary of the Pennsylvania Wilds. She reported that work is in progress to make the Denton Hill State Park a year around park. Hopefully this will be a successful effort to utilize this excellent asset that we have here in our area Terri reported that the women of the Galeton Moose Club are very successful in raising funds to provide free mammograms for those women who cannot afford to pay for a mammogram. This is in cooperation with Charles Cole Memorial Hospital.

Several other topics were discussed such as the John Collins Memorial Park, the Ice o rama project to be held at Lyman Lake on January 31 and the new Gale Hose Ambulance building being built on West St.

Rev. Tom Shatto will be the speaker at the February meeting to bring the community up to date on his project to asses the needs of the young people in Galeton and what his committee is planning to work on to address those needs. 

Posted by Henry Lush

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