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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Bartlett seeking Republican nod for McKean County Sheriff

Hiel “Butch” Bartlett
BRADFORD, Pa. – Hiel “Butch” Bartlett, a local police officer with more than 19 years of experience in law enforcement, has thrown his hat in the ring for McKean County sheriff.

Bartlett is seeking the Republican nod in the upcoming May Primary Election..

“With your support, I look forward to having the opportunity to make the McKean County Sheriff's Department into a public serving agency which will strive to ensure the safety and protection of the residents of our great county,” he said.

Bartlett has spent the last 15 years as a police officer with the City of Bradford Police Department. While employed at the City of Bradford Police Department he held the position of Detective and now serves as a School Resource Officer in the Bradford Area School District.

“In my time working as a School Resource Officer I have had many opportunities to work with our students and see firsthand how amazing these students truly are,” he said. “In my first year as School Resource Officer I started a Criminal Justice Club comprised of students ranging from grade nine to grade twelve who are interested in exploring more about the fields of police, fire, and EMS service.

“The club, which now has more than 45 active members, prides itself on being a community-serving club and have assisted the Bradford community with several different events.”

Most recently the students sponsored the National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day Walk, which encouraged community members to come out and show thanks to the local police departments.

He is also a Certified Instructor for Patrol Response to Active Shooters and of the ALiCE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) Program.

The ALiCE Program is designed to prepare students, staff and the community on what to do in the event of an active threat situation. I have worked to train employees of The Bradford Area Schools, Port Allegany Schools, Otto-Eldred Schools, Austin School District, Beacon Light, The Learning Center, Saint Bernards School, Zippo, Case, Bradford Township Fire Department, Derrick City Fire Department and the City of Bradford Fire Department.

“It is my goal as sheriff to continue these trainings county wide to insure that all police, fire, and EMS personnel in McKean County are trained and knowledgeable of the ALiCE response program so that in the event of an active threat, we are prepared to respond as a team and successfully protect all of McKean County's citizens.:

He also would like to use the opportunity as Sheriff to offer school districts throughout the county that have been unable to staff a School Resource Officer, a sheriff's deputy to help protect our children and school staff.

“Having additional School Resource Officers available throughout the county will insure that no School District will have to go unprotected when school is in session”
He also wants to address training for jail employees.

“We can begin by insuring that our McKean County Jail staff receives up to date training on handling the modern day criminal. Our jail staff has a very hard job dealing with the people our community has decided we do not want out in public until their punishment time has been served.

“Providing them with proper training can help us make our jail a place where criminals will not want to go because we will not cater to their every request. Jails are designed to decrease the comfort levels of those incarcerated in them, not to provide them with perks they have not earned the right to be given. “

“I have always prided myself as a police officer in standing up for what is right and to make fair and unbiased judgments when facing any situation. I am a firm believer in our U.S. Constitution and am a strong supporter of our second amendment right.”

Bartlett graduated in June 1989 from Salamanca (N.Y).Central High School. After graduation he completed an associate degree in Applied Police Science from Jamestown (N.Y.) Community College. Then went on to attend the Mercyhurst Municipal Police Academy where he obtained my Act 120 Police Certification.

He and his wife, Christine Warfield-Bartlett, reside in Bradford Township.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Bartlett,

How may citizens address questions to you directly?

Unknown said...

Anyone can contact me via email at, or you can leave me contact information via this email address and I will call you or set up a meeting with you. I check this email daily, usually in the evenings. Thank you for your interest.

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