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Saturday, February 28, 2015

****Boil Water Advisory Still in Effect ****

City of Bradford Police

****Boil Water Advisory Still in Effect ****

As expected, the last 24 hours pushed the water system closer to normal operational levels. Overnight the authority had several new reports of minor line breaks that are considered normal for this time of year.

If you are you are a residential water customer and still do not have water, you probably have a frozen pipe in your home or frozen service line from the main line to your home. You will need to call a private plumber or contractor to resolve frozen pipes of any sort.

Additionally we are still under the emergency declaration with anticipation of that declaration being lifted at a special council meeting scheduled for 12:00pm (noon) Monday. All residents and commercial customers are reminded to continue to follow the strict water conservation request

The emergency operations center is being moved to the central fire station at 25 Chestnut Street with operating hours of 9:00 AM thru 9:00 PM. Central Fire Station is also the sole location for drinking water distribution. To contact the emergency operations center call 814-368-3141.


Anonymous said...

Wait just a minute here, a frozen line in the home I can understand, but a frozen service line from the main to the home because the homeowner couldn't let their water trickle? It is a utilities job to provide the services that the customer pays for, why should the customer pay big bucks to have their service lines dug up because the utility didn't fulfill their obligations? The water company may try and claim extenuating circumstances such as act of nature, act of God etc. however, try and claim that when you're on hard times and can't pay your bill, Zap, they shut you off heartlessly, period, end of story. Big business and corporations are ruining this great land and don't even try and say that a water company is not a big business, think about it, they sell the customer a product that they get out of the ground for free.

Anonymous said...

Some good points there, BUT.....The water may be free but the dam that makes the reservoir is not. Nor are the pipes that the water from the reservoir flows through aren't free. Nor the ditch that was dug for the pipe that was held back by the dam for the water to flow through, or the valves that are in the pipes that are in the ditch that the water from the dam flows through. Nor the meters that record the water that flows from the dam and through the valves that are in the pipes that are in the ditch that the free water flows through. The treatment chemicals that flow through the meters that record the water that flowed from the dam that is in the pipes that are in the ditch that the "free" water flows through. The people that maintain the dam, which holds the water that flows through the meters and the valves with the chemicals that flow through the pipes that are in the ditch that the free water flows through. With all of that said, who put the service lines from the curb stop to the home in? If they weren't put in below the frost line, shame on someone. enough said...

Anonymous said...

....and what about the utility that didn't fulfill it's obligations? Good point about maybe the line wasn't dug deep enough to the customers property and maybe that's why the 24" line broke also? People that lived in Bradford 100-150 years ago never had all that overkill expenses and that being said what about the beaver fever incidences a few years back? What good did all that money being thrown around do when so many people got sick.