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Friday, February 20, 2015

Coudersport man pleads no contest to stabbing in Port Allegany

Bradford Era

SMETHPORT — A Coudersport man pleaded no contest Thursday in McKean County Court to allegations he stabbed a man, injuring him, during an early morning street fight in Port Allegany.

Antwan L. Cunningham, 36, was one of four men charged in the incident. He entered a no-contest plea to charges of simple assault and disorderly conduct.

According to Assistant District Attorney Ashley Shade, on Sept. 21, 2014, during a fight in the middle of the street in Port Allegany, Cunningham injured Kyle Bonneau, 25, of Roulette, “by cutting him during a fight, which caused him lacerations.”

President Judge John Pavlock said Cunningham’s attorney, Joseph Marasco, told him the no-contest plea was offered because Cunningham had a difficult time remembering what happened. Read more...


Anonymous said...

Not to defend this gentleman, but it should be reported what he was subjected to in terms of crude, drunken, abusive and racially abhorrent behavior and severe physical assault prior to the knife coming out. Makes me wonder how I would have behaved if it appeared I was about to meet my maker in a similar fashion to certain victims from the Deep South in another era. I probably would have not turned the other cheek.

Anonymous said...

You sound like obama with his comparisons ! What the h3ll does the deep south in another era have to do with this situation? NOTHING!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great points 7:47. The prosecution really chickened out on this. These folks need to make some lifestyle changes or another tragedy probably lies ahead.

Anonymous said...