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Friday, February 20, 2015

Headline Harrisburg by Rep. Matt Gabler

Headline Harrisburg

Hunting Licenses Online

In Pennsylvania, you must take a hunter-trapper education course in order to obtain a hunting license. While the list of classes in our area will soon be announced, you may take the course online through a company that specializes in hunter education and has been part of the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s programs for years.

Just as with courses taken in classrooms, there is a fee ($19.50) for the online course, which is wholly retained by the company to offset their costs of providing the course.

To take the course online, click here.

Liquor Privatization

On Monday, Feb. 23, the House Liquor Control Committee will meet to consider House Bill 466, which proposes to get Pennsylvania state government out of the business of selling wine and spirits.

Among other things, House Bill 466 would create 1,200 wine and spirits retail licenses that would be available to existing beer distributors. It would also create a grocery store liquor license that would allow the holder to sell up to 12 bottles of wine in a single transaction.

Click here to read more about House Bill 466, and then watch the committee meeting on my website,, beginning Monday at 10 a.m.

On Tuesday, I recognized John Petrosky at Christ the King Manor in DuBois in honor of his upcoming 100th birthday on March 10. Pictured with us is John's son, Pete.


Dan the man said...

Oh my Yes! Keep selling that shixt, the Commonwealth needs the funds. Ancillary costs to society from alcohol use and abuse be damned. Jail time, prison time, domestic abuse, DUI crashes, medical costs, child abuse, court costs, children having special needs, special education as a result of fetal alcohol syndrome, children being delinquent because ma and pa only care about their booze. We as a society end up bearing most of those costs. Is the tax revenue worth it? Just curious, with McKean County having one of the highest alcoholism rates of 67 counties, is that by chance related to the highest child placement rate in the Commonwealth? To all of you redneck Coors Light drinkers who are going to comment, don't believe me, Google these stats yourself between 6 packs. Read what fetal alcohol syndrome dooms a child to for their lifetime. Sad.... Dan

Anonymous said...

Alcohol does ruin lives. I've tended bar for 20-some-years. People who have an alcohol addiction will get it any way possible. Privatizing it won't cause new alcoholics simply because it's available more places. Perhaps being more readily available will make it LESS attractive to younger generations who like to test taboo waters. People who want to do anything, will do it. I've been being served in PA taverns and beer distributers since I was 16 y/o. By age 25, the thrill of drinking was gone. There's so much more to life than being in a hazy stupor.