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Friday, February 20, 2015

New State Police Commissioner Answers Critics


Anonymous said...

Bringing in an outsider hurts morale period! Its only done for political purposes by people who know nothing about law enforcement. Our state police have many highly qualified people for this position already wearing a uniform.

Anonymous said...

A picture really does speak a thousand words.

Anonymous said...

It's a military command structure. And when you get a new commander you don't bitch and moan because he's not what you wanted or came from a different post. You do your job like a professional that day, just like you did the day before.

You have to wonder...

why are people suddenly so afraid of "an outsider"?

Perhaps some people at the PSP have something to hide.

Cops love to break laws themselves. And they take great care to weed out anyone that will snitch on the 'thin blue line'. Of course there are good cops... there are also many that operate like a mafia street gang.

Maybe some of those in the higher ranks are sweating him finding out some of their secrets?

This man apparently ran the Maryland State Police and had a stunning record.

Maybe give the guy a chance before you burn him at the stake.
..again, unless there's something else motivating this incredible negativity.

Anonymous said...

Who ya gonna call when you need help?