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Friday, February 20, 2015

North Central PA Beekeepers Assoc.

Are you worried about the bees? Not seeing your gardens produce what they used to produce? Come join fellow beekeepers and interested or concerned people who do not have bees at our monthly meeting on Tuesday, March 10 at 7 PM, at the Penn State Extension Building in Coudersport. 

 Ever wonder what happens to the bees over the winter or if you have bees, what you might expect to find in early spring? Join us for this months discussion on "First Inspection of our Bee Colonies and early spring management, preparing your colonies for the nectar flows" . This is the third year that the North Central PA Beekeepers Assoc. has been organized and we are growing each year. With the use of chemicals and other problems the honey bee population is dwindling. Come to our meetings and learn about Honey Bees. Any Questions call Joan Bradley at 814-697-7586 or email


Anonymous said...

I'd love to try beekeeping but how do you deal with raccoons and bears?

Anonymous said...

12 Guage .OO Buckshot works best but any gun would do.

Anonymous said...

I meant legally.