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Thursday, February 26, 2015

PennDOT, Pennsylvania DUI Association Host DUI Victim’s Moving Memorial during ‘State Patty’s Day’

State College – PennDOT, the PA DUI Association and local law enforcement, today hosted the DUI Victim’s Moving Memorial on East College Avenue, in front of Penn State University’s Old Main Lawn. The event highlighted some myths of driving impaired by drugs and/or alcohol in advance of the Saint Patrick’s Day enforcement period.

The Moving Memorial will serve as a reminder for Penn State students as they prepare to celebrate ‘State Patty’s Day’ on Feb 27-28th. PennDOT and DUI Association Officials feel it will help to reinforce some alcohol-related misconceptions as well as highlight the after effects of driving under the influence.

Some common alcohol-related misconceptions and facts include:

• Myth: Beer doesn’t have as much alcohol as “hard liquor.” Fact: Beer with about a 5-percent alcohol content by volume contains as much “pure” alcohol or ethanol as 1.5 ounces of 80-proof liquor or 5 ounces of table wine (12 percent alcohol by volume). Each of these constitutes one drink;

• Myth: Coffee will sober up an intoxicated person. Fact: Caffeine, cold showers and exercise have no sobering effect on an intoxicated person. The body processes approximately one drink every hour. Only time can sober someone up;

• Myth: Placing pennies in your mouth will lower your blood-alcohol content reading on a breath tester. Fact: Pennies, onions, garlic and/or other items will not lower a person’s blood alcohol content.

• Myth: It is better to refuse a breath- or blood-alcohol test. Fact: Just by being licensed to drive in Pennsylvania, a person has agreed to submit to chemical testing. This is referred to as the Implied Consent Law. Failure to submit to such tests will result in an automatic one-year license suspension.
Motorists are reminded to always designate a sober driver. Impaired driving includes not only driving under the influence of alcohol, but also prescription or illegal drugs.

State and local police will be on patrol during the ‘State Patty’s’ Day celebration.
To learn more about impaired driving, visit

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