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Friday, February 20, 2015

Roulette Experiencing Extremely High Water Usage

Customers of the Roulette Water system. 

Due the extreme cold weather we’ve been experiencing over the past couple of weeks many residents have been running water to prevent their water lines from freezing. This is generally an acceptable practice. It is also quite possible that there are residences, occupied or not, that may have broken lines that the owners are not aware of. This is putting extreme pressure on our system’s ability to keep up with the demand.

Roulette’s total daily pumping hours have grown steadily over the past couple of weeks from a norm of 7 to 8 hour per day, to 16 as of today. Our normal usage is around 55,000 gallons per day, we pumped 109,390 gallons yesterday. Double our normal pumping rates. We are currently pumping at a rate of 75 gallons per minute, our capability at the moment stands at 117 gallons per minute. We still have capacity, but if things continue to escalate, we will have a serious problem. The other effect is on our Aquifers. Because we have not had temperatures that allow for snow melt, and a frost line that continues to deepen, it is difficult for the Aquifers to recharge at a reasonable rate. This means that if we pump water faster than they can recharge, we’re in trouble too. The Aquifers are beginning to show some stress in this area.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that below freezing temperatures are going to be leaving anytime soon. So, with that, we would appreciate it if you would do the following where possible…

1.) If you have a break and know it, please call the Township Office at 544-7549, even if you’ve fixed it. It will help us to understand where some water went.

2.) Please check your water lines to be sure you have no breaks daily.

3.) If you have a water meter that’s installed in a basement or crawl-space, please make sure there is enough heat in the area, or heat tape and insulation installed on the meter and incoming line to prevent it from freezing.

4.) If you are the Caretaker, or owner of a building that still has its water service turned on and is vacant, PLEASE check the building ASAP.

5.) If you have been running water to keep lines from freezing, please curtail this as much as possible.

6.) Install “Heat Tape” and insulation to areas that could be better controlled in this manner.

7.) If you see anything out of the ordinary in the way of water, fog, or melted snow in areas that normally don’t show this, call the Township office.

8.) If you know where your main water shut-off is, either Curb Stop or Meter Pit, please clear the area of snow. This will allow for faster shut-off of your water in case of a break. Also please clear a path to the area where the Meter Reading Button is installed.

If you have a water emergency after normal Township operating hours, you may call the Water Operator at 203-5152 or call 911 for assistance.

If using alternative heating to prevent freezing, be sure that there are no flammable items in the area and do not use heating sources that produce carbon monoxide in closed in areas.

Thank you,

Kevin Bisher
Roulette Township Water Operator

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What happened to you trying to find where the leaks might be?...If you would go out and do a meter check on ALL houses not just the ones with people living in them at this moment.. I know it will mean going out in the weather but sometimes its necessary to solve a problem. I can think of three empty houses in town they could have a possible leaks since its been so cold and no one is living in them..
Just saying take the time to help solve this problem ... I am sure people will appreciate not running out of water..