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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Troopers Investigating Shooting Of Horse In Hebron Township, Potter County

Amy Thompson
So many of you are asking.

We had to put down Sharia Gold, my very best friend, one of the lights of my life. my rock, my strength, my shoulder to cry on, my confidence, the only being who ever really saw me in my weak times. She was so much more to me than just a horse.

Lori Hansen and I found her 21 years ago. a chestnut copper colored spitfire and lovey horse.

Star arrived at the barn yesterday morning to feed Seri, Blondie and the minis and found Seri bleeding profusely and blood everywhere.

Seri was shot by someone. The police were called and are investigating.

From what we can piece together Seri was by the creek getting a drink when she was shot.

Star VH called Sally Fowler (vet) and Dan and I headed to Coudersport. The police were called. came took statements and photographs. The shot was determined to be intentional. I don't understand this, She doesn't look like a deer. She was in the pasture, getting a drink, and was the best horse. She loved people.

The bullet entered through her cheek, Her cheek and jaw were shattered and her esophagus was damaged. She would not be able to eat or drink. There was very little probability she would make the trip to Cornell, be able to be saved or survive a surgery. She was 28 years old.

I had to make the heartbreaking decision to put her down.

She passed on about 7:30 last night.

I am shattered and heartbroken. Everyone in my family is devastated. My Dad and Star are beside themselves, They have been taking awesome care of her while we are here in Western New York. They spoiled her almost as much as I did. We have no idea or understanding how someone can do this. Blondie is at a loss about her pasture mate.

The State Police are investigating and will be keeping us up to date.

If you hear of anything or know who could have done this to my Seri,  please call the Pennsylvania State Police. 814-274-8690


Anonymous said...

Are you freaking kidding me!!!! Wow, I really hope this investigation shows the actual humanity and selflessness this person took out of love for her animal and that no charges are filed. Positive energy being sent her way.

Anonymous said...

How cruel can someone be. I'd put your enemies and those jealous of you on the top of the list for suspects.

Anonymous said...

The horse was injured so severely, it had to be put down. Amy is devastated. So many people are. Such a beautiful animal. I hope they catch the person who shot him and he rots in hell.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure charges would be filed if they knew who did it.

Anonymous said...

People can be such trash.

Hopefully with all the snow they get some evidence.

Anonymous said...

I will never understand how people can be so damn cruel... How the person that did this cannot be overcome with guilt is beyond me. This person has no heart...