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Saturday, February 21, 2015


Report by Lonny Frost. (No Association with Tioga Freedomist.) Information shared with WETM 18 News.

Wellsboro Borough Police were in pursuit of a black Chevy Impala along Greenwood Street around 2:50AM on Saturday, February 21, 2015 in Delmar Township.

Wellsboro officers requested assistance of other units by 2:55AM. Suddenly the officers lost sight of the fleeing vehicle a minute later.

At 3AM the Tioga County 911 Dispatch Center received word of a motor vehicle accident 2 miles from Greenwood Street. The accident was reported near the intersection of Balsam Road & Morral Road.

The two Wellsboro police officers that were in pursuit of a fleeing vehicle arrived on scene within seconds of the crash.

Emergency crews started arriving on scene around 3:08AM and an additional dispatch for an ambulance was requested around 3:15AM. There was at least 1 entrapment, however it was possible that they may have been at least two individuals entrapped in the vehicle. As it was reported that two individuals were injured in this sudden crash.

A medical helicopter was also requested for at least one seriously injured person.

It has not been confirmed that this crash was related to the police pursuit by Wellsboro officers. However, following this story, it is believed that the suspects running from police were most likely the ones involved in this particular accident.

Extrication of those entrapped inside the vehicle was completed by 3:25AM.

One of the individuals in the crash was taken to the lab at the Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital shortly after 3:30AM.

The medical helicopter that was on standby was not dispatched to the crash site. At this time the condition of the second individual is unknown. The individual was transported to Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital around 3:45AM.

Prayers appreciated for all involved in this crash.

Special thanks to Wellsboro police and all volunteer fire personnel who assisted with this accident in such dreadful temperatures.

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