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Friday, March 27, 2015

Kathy Schroeder Seeking Second Term As Potter County Prothonotary/Clerk Of Courts In May 19th Primary


Anonymous said...

seems a lot of republicans hate government ,but they want the easy jobs and benefits that the taxpayers pay for think about it .If they dislike it so much why are they there to grab the government money

Josie said...

Poster 7:14 AM: What are you even rambling on about ? Ms. Schroeder is only stating that she would like the nomination to run for the office of Potter County Prothonotary and Clerk of Courts again. She did not say that she hated the government, chocolate ice cream or ANYTHING at all ! As far as her job being an easy job : I am certain that you have no idea how hard/easy her job is unless you have held that position in the past.

Anonymous said...

get educated Josie gov cost money they don,t want to spend money unless it benefits them