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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Reader Reports Scam Attempt

Deonna Snyder 12:45pm Mar 4
Can you let viewers know of a Scam call regarding 'my computer' was received from telephone number 213-928-6387 with the caller ID name Micheal Smith? I did not 'fall for this scam' but want to get the information out. Thanks.


Kathleen said...

Dear Mr. Jim,
I just wanted to let you know that Thursday evening I received a call from this phone number 786-647-7971. The man asked if this was Kathleen Wild. i said " yes can I help you ? He continued to say I am from Skype and you need to turn on your computer. He went on to say you have a very bad virus in your computer on windows. If you do not turn it on to let me remove the virus, Every one has your information from your Bank accounts and Visa cards. He not only knew my name but my address and phone number and that I had a lap top computer. I realized that some thing was wrong when he kept on persisting for me to turn on my computer. I finally told him my computer is in the shop. I called the State Troopers number on potato Hill. The Trooper told me it was a scam to get personal information from me. can you please post this number and the word Skype so no one else gets hooked in to this mess Please. Thank You, Kathleen Wild

Anonymous said...

The number on the one that called us tonight was 219-367-1464.
I told them , politely of course, that my computer was fine and they weren't getting any money out of me for their scam.

Kathleen said...

I am so glad that you did that. It is very sad that Scamer's do this to people. I just did not want any one to be taken by this person.

Kathleen said...

Thank You Mr. Jim, it is Amazing how many scam's are out there, Kathleen