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Thursday, March 5, 2015


The "Rotary 4-Way Test Speech Contest of the things we Think, Say and Do" contestants were welcomed at Rotary this past Monday.

Rotarian Pat Northeimer, organizer of event, welcomed everyone to the Contest. There were three contestants this year, and all gave wonderful speeches.

Contestant #1 based his speech on going to Summer Camp. He said it taught him to face his fears and become confident in himself. Through determination and self-confidence, it helped him to build his character. He applied his experience to the Rotary’s 4-Way Test.

Contestant #2 began her speech with how she had her hair cut and it turned out a little too short. She was bullied because of her choice. Bullying is wrong. It can happen because you are different and are your own person. She applied her story to the 4-Way Test.

Contestant #3 stated that words are powerful, they can defeat you or push you forward. He spoke about those that may have told you you’re not good enough,and that words could hold a person back. He also stated when people tell you that you can do anything, these are words that can can help you succeed.He credits a coach with giving him encouraging words to succeed. It is important to always try your best!

 Judges were: Eunice Hults, Myra Neefe, Linda Castano, and Georgiana Leete. The time-keepers were: Gloria and Mark Richardson.

Contestant #1, 9th Grade Isaac Wright (L), won 1st Place and won $100.00. Contestant #2, 10th Grade Christine Martinez (R), won 2nd Place for $75.00. Contestant #3, 11th Grade Joe Lawton (C), won 3rd Place for $50.00.

Rotarian,John Abplanalp (C) introduced the Citizens of Tomorrow, Heather Fitzgerald (R) (out-going Foreign Exchange Student), and Gabrielle Howard (L).

This was certainly a fun day!

Information and photos courtesy of Cathy Bowers

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