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Friday, April 3, 2015

Borough seeking volunteers for Adopt a Block program

Borough seeking volunteers for Adopt a Block program

The borough of Coudersport is initiating an “Adopt a Block” program similar to the Adopt a Highway Program instituted by PennDOT.

Where PennDOT normally requires an individual or group to keep free of litter a minimum of two miles of roadway, the borough would ask that only one block be cared for per-person or group. In addition to litter removal, it is desired that volunteers also be responsible for weed removal and control.

The borough is seeking business owners, civic groups, citizens and anyone who cares about Coudersport and Potter County.

Whether Coudersport is your original hometown or your adopted hometown, consider being a volunteer for the borough. A more attractive Coudersport means more people will want to visit, property value will increase, visitors will seek lodging and spend more money here, helping to increase economic opportunity. Sidewalks marred with cigarette butts and other litter and overgrown weeds will attract no one.

According to organizer and Clara Township resident Tony Winters, who is working on the project with the borough, “Good things are coming to Coudersport”. Government and the private sector working together can do great things. Be part of this positive change, because a small investment of time and effort will yield big dividends.

The Adopt a Block program is in its beginning stages. Tony said he hopes to get it started as soon as the weather clears.

For more information or to volunteer, contact Tony at 814-544-7140, 814-203-7912 or email

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