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Friday, April 24, 2015

Headline Harrisburg From State Representative Matt Gabler

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Headline Harrisburg
Friday, April 24, 2015
The latest news from the State Capitol 

My Legislation on the Move –
Three pieces of legislation I am sponsoring are on the move in the legislative process:

 • House Bill 263 – Passed unanimously by the House this week, this bill would allow the Pennsylvania Game Commission to institute the use of air, chemical or gas cylinder-powered firearms for hunting. These weapons would only be used to hunt in specific seasons or for specific species. The commission, however, would determine whether or not use of them is prudent with today’s technology.  
 • House Bill 342 – Passed unanimously by the House this week, this legislation adds school director to the list of elective offices whose candidates would need to obtain 10 signatures on a nominating petition in order to be placed on a primary election ballot. This clears up an inconsistency in state law. 
 • House Bill 504 – Passed overwhelmingly by the House Finance Committee this week, this legislation would amend the Tax Reform Code to exclude the purchase of machinery and equipment used in timbering. This would address an inconsistency and give timber harvesters the same tax break that crop and dairy farmers receive. 

Limiting the Federal Government –
The House State Government Committee recently held a hearing to examine House Resolution 63, which I am sponsoring. Under my legislation, Pennsylvania would apply to the federal government to be part of a limited convention as provided for under Article V of the United States Constitution. At least two-thirds (34) of the states would have to make this application in order for a convention to be convened.

I wrote this resolution because I frequently hear concerns from constituents about the disturbing size and scope of the federal government. With federal agencies regularly overstepping their rightful authority, and a national debt nearing $18 trillion, it is important to discuss how we can try to put regular citizens back in control of our republic. House Resolution 63 offers one possible means of helping return our federal government to its rightful role. A recording of the hearing is available on my website,

On March 27, I traveled to the Pittsburgh Technical Institute to participate in a program entitled “Broadening the Energy Industry in Pennsylvania.” The discussion focused on how Pennsylvania can take advantage of our abundance of natural gas in order to build a thriving, diverse economy.

Doing so means not merely focusing on drilling, but rather post-drilling derivatives such as petrochemicals, natural gas vehicles, expanded manufacturing capability and small business growth. Of particular interest was the discussion about how small businesses and local communities benefit from the development of local energy resources.

Recognizing Our Future Leaders –
Congratulations to Austin Frey, who received his Eagle Scout Award last Sunday at the Knights of Columbus, St. Marys. 

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