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Friday, April 24, 2015

Sobriety Check Point This Weekend


Anonymous said...

If they are looking for drunk drivers, is it ok to be high on heroin or pot or prescription drugs?
Why do they single out the drinkers?

Sudsy Brewheimer said...

HaHa.....missed me again coppers!!! The wily potter county Drunkapotamus made it home from the bar again!!!!

Anonymous said...

7:21 Its easy $ & keeps the "system" in business! Its all about $ & employment positions.

Dan the man said...

Oh so funny 11:29. Do you think you will pass the 7th grade this year? You definitely sound like you belong in jr. high, that's for sure. Drunk driving is just plain ignorant for anyone. Those who do it are saying, "I can do what I want, I am special to drink and drive". It really isn't a special talent to drive drunk, anyone can do it, just those with a narcissistic attitude think it's OK,I am special, I don't have to follow the rules. I assume you use alcohol to lift your self esteem? You are sad because you want to redecorate your bedroom in your mom's basement and she won't let you? Really son, when your mind grows up, you will realize that alcohol is only a crutch for a weak mind. Your little joke didn't work, only 1 comment...Love Ya, Dan I am